Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sitting on a Park Bench, That's Older Than My Country


This was taken some time in October. I wore this outfit for work/going out after. I needed an outfit that was appropriate enough for work but could also look casual enough for a Minus the Bear show.Honestly I felt a little bit Debbie Harry meets Alexa Chung. The vest and patent oxford brogues being something miss Chung would wear and the rest being the former's choice of attire.

Jacket:Faux Leather Shrunken Motorcycle Jacket(Charlotte Russe)
Vest:Black Sweater Knit Vest(forever21)
Dress:Sailor Striped Jersey Dress(H&M)
Tights:Black Opaque(H&M)
Shoes:Patent Black Oxford Brogues(Buffalo Exchange)
Bag:Vintage Black Saddle Bag(Thrifted)
Sunglasses:Vintage Club Masters(Flea Market)

The show was seriously one of the best shows I have been to in probably ever. They sounded amazing live and true to form.It was just one of those shows that wasn't too pretentious and a real chill vibe....very west coast!!!(They're from Seattle)
There was a bit of craziness for me, right before the show. After work I went to get on the train to go meet Danielle at our meeting spot to head over to the venue when I got this crazy pang of realization. I Left My Ticket At Work!!!!! At this point I had already made it to the station where I needed to transfer to another train. I had to go back one stop get back to work and only to realize no one was there anymore. So in a panic I told Danielle to go to the venue and see if she could score a ticket at face(being the price I paid for it), but no such luck. I headed over there in hope of maybe telling the ticket guy my unfortunate story and see if maybe they would let me in out of sheer generosity.(I was not going to miss this show...I waited 4 years to go see them).Finally I told my story to at least 4 people before I could actually tell the manager(who had the final say) and with some eyelash batting and puppy dog eyes he let me in with a bit of hesitation.Seriously one of the best moments of my life. I could kiss him, know... I was that kind of girl.
Then to top it off the show was amazing and they played a lot of old stuff.After the show we headed over to Yaffa Cafe to get some late night eats.An awesome way to end an awesome night.
(excuse the dizzying effect, there aren't any videos that are any better than this. The band in their first albums didn't make any music videos)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Disco Dancin'


It's pretty obvious what this collection is being veered towards. The holidays are creeping up and when thinking about New Years, there's always an element of sheen involved. This year it just happens to be on everything. When I came across this collection by Forever21.... Yes... that's right Forever21, I couldn't believe that there was a real editorial vibe going on. I mean usually you can see that they have a bit of a catalog feel with their collection ads but this one really doesn't look like that at all. Taking inspiration from queen of disco, Donna Summer, it really is done well with dare I say it.... creativity!!! Can Ya dig it?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Home is Whenever I'm With You


I love this dress. I found it in one of the very few good, "cheap", thrift stores there are in this city. It was kind of hanging there looking really sad and
I overlooked it at first glance but then I looked at it again and I really found potential in it.It was originally ankle length and had three tiers of ruffles towards the hem.I hemmed it and its amazing what one wash could do because it looks good as new.Also thinking of it now, it really reminds me of Jade in Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes.She's such an inspiration and she has this aura that you could just sense right out of the speakers. Shes also in a previous post of mine.
Jacket: Black faux leather motorcycle cropped jacket(Charlotte Russe)
Dress: Vintage Cream Embroidered Leaf Boho Dress(Thrifted)
Tights:Brown Opaque floral printed tights(Target)
Shoes: Dark Brown Suede Mary Jane Wedges(Micheal Kors, Ebay)
Bag:Vintage Black Saddle Bag(thrifted)

Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros