Saturday, August 23, 2008

Basking In

Taking in every last minute there is left.....
Dress: Vintage Navy Floral Sailor Collar Tea Dress(thrifted)
Shoes: Brown Ankle Fringe Sandals(Forever21)
Bag: Vintage Tan Postman Briefcase(Coach,ebay)
Sunglasses: Large Tortoise Wayfarers (sprint st.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Peep into Fall

I wanted to wear my shoes as soon as I got them so I wore them the next day. I wore this outfit to work.
The dress might look familiar. Its from the fall collage I posted a couple of posts back.
Dress: Cream slip/house dress(Forever21, intimate apparel section)
Slip: Cream Tank dress/slip (came from another dress)
Shoes: Vintage Brown stitch Skimmers(Dr.Scholls, Ebay)
Bag: Vintage tan postman briefcase(Coach, Ebay)
Belt: Tan grommet holes skinny wrap belt(Old Navy, I have to put this out there because I could hardly believe it myself but this belt was $2.00)
Sunglasses: Large Tortoise Wayfarers(spring st.)

Ebay Find 13

I've been wanting a pair of vintage light brown to medium brown skimmers that I could wear now and in the fall with tights. I found this pair a while ago and received them this past weekend. I absolutely adore them.I was a bit hesitant because they ARE Dr. Scholls. I had a fear they were gonna look orthopedic. But I bit the bullet and bid on them anyway because they looked too cute to be orthopedic.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rythm and Blues

One of the best parts of working on Mulberry street is being across the street from the Charlotte Ronson store. The bad news is....working across the street from the Charlotte Ronson store.

Annabelle Dexter Jones and Donald Cummings make fall look quite irresistable!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Day

I wore this to my first day of work. The dress I purchased a while back. Probably some time in June. I loved the way the silhouette is all ready for you to belt it. The silhouette is very 70's but the print seems more appropriate for a tea dress. I could just imagine the ditsy print on Kate Moss. Regardless, I originally intended on selling it but when I hemmed it I just couldn't seem to part with it. It completely felt right in my wardrobe. I added the tuxedo jacket for a contrast and edge. I felt it was an outfit suitable for nightlife but I kind of like how a tuxedo jacket looks during the day. Like its not meant for it but could still work.
Jacket: Black Tuxedo Jacket (Forever21)
Dress: Vintage ditsy floral dress(thrifted)
Shoes: Black Patent criss cross sandals(forever21)
Belt: Black pyramid studded skinny belt(Target)
Bag: Vintage Tan Postman Briefcase(Ebay)

I want to hold your hand

The night started out really really crappy with horrendous, thunderous torrential rains. Later on after most of our friends backed out my boyfriend and I went to the party that I had mentioned earlier this week. It was supposed to be a mash up of modern music with 50's music as well. I told you guys I would post this dress that didn't quite make it to the collage but is going to be a fall staple.
I've been craving for a while a blush/pale pink dress. This dress came out a long time ago in Forever21 and I didn't look twice at it but the more I saw it in the store the more it kept catching my eye. I finally took it to the dressing room and what do you know it fits impeccably. I got it without hesitation. I knew paired with tights in the fall and a shrunken leather jacket it would look great. I didn't have the right occasion to wear it to. This event would be the perfect time to debut it.
The flash doesn't do the fabric or the color justice at all thats why I added the website's version to get a better idea of it. The dress is just so amazing in person. It has such a whimsical dreamy feel and look to it. When I'm in it I feel like I'm in a fairy tale.
Dress: Double V-neck Empire "Prom" dress with flower embellishment(forever21)
Sweater: V-neck Cropped gray pointelle sweater. The sweater fit so well together with the silhouette of teh dress. Like the two were always meant to be worn together(old navy)
Tights: Black Opaque tights(Target)
Sandals: black patent criss/cross sandals(forever21)
Bag: Vintage Cream quilt bag(Thrifted)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


On Monday I had an Interview with the manager at a boutique called bulbul. Its a store in Nolita that sells one of a kind pieces which are all hand made.It has the appeal of vintage but with a modern perspective.Some of the silhouettes totally reminded me of Erin Fetherston Autumn/Winter 08 pieces.Anyway its a boutique in Nolita so this goes without saying but it's high end so it varies from the 150-500 range.I wore this to the Interview.(Note: my hair was more put together at the interview.)
Dress: Vintage White and dotted navy Blouse/Skirt Hybrid dress(thrifted)
Sandals: Black suede pin-up wedge sandals(Sugar,boutique)
Belt: Black pyramid studded skinny belt(target)
bag: Vintage Postman Briefcase(ebay)
Sunglasses: Large tortoise wayfarers(spring st.)

On A Sunny Day

Friday was gorgeous, there was no humidity to be detected and there was a brisk breeze. I went out for a bit of shopping and a manicure.I wanted to be as laid back and comfy as possible.
Dress: Floral tiered mini dress(Forever21)
Shoes: Black Gladiator mary jane flats(Forever21)
Bag: Vintage Cream Quilt bag(thrifted)
Sunglasses: Large Tortoise Wayfarers (spring st.)
Edit: I know the photos don't look like it was sunny but it was. There was just a cloud as I was taking these.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Your Touch

Last Thursday night my boyfriend,myself and another couple went to The Black Keys show in McCarren Pool.I wore this outfit again.
Only I realized that it goes a lot better with this slip.
Your Touch - The Black Keys
when the lights go out - The Black Keys
Psychotic Girl - The Black Keys
Act Nice and Gentle - The Black Keys

My night overall was kind of disappointing because doors were called for 7:00 and everyone just assumed that the opening band wouldnt go on till at least 8:00 and the black keys wouldn't go on till about 9:00.So when we got to the venue around 8 we took our time and got something to eat nearby before the show.While we were waiting for the food we hear a rumbling sound coming from the park. We just assumed it was the opening band. When we were walking out the cafe we hear a Black Keys song and it sunk in. Weve been missing the band we came to see. They were already 3 songs in by the time we walked into the venue.I was so frustrated. Finally as were enjoying the show it abruptly comes to an end. The show had to be over due to the fact that the venue is in a residential area. I was soo bummed. We were all a little dumbfounded like "Thats it?" It was an amazing show regardless because they are amazing performers but the show was just so quick. Too fast to even enjoy.
After the show we went to get some Pinkberry style frogurt. The red and white are harsh on the eyes making it very much Willy wonka and the Choclate Factory. It is also a trip and very Japanese. It was so refreshing and delicious!!!
This is where the waste goes....
It took me forever to find it until someone pointed it out to me. Duh. I felt stupid. The giant waste signs on top should have indicated otherwise...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

90's Revisited: Left of the Dial

So remember when Brenda on 90210 was packing and this was on? Well whenever I hear this song I think back to that part on the show. Some things just are ingrained in your memory.

Take style cues!!!

So originally I was gonna put Beck's Loser here but Universal(you know that major label)disabled all embedding on their copyrights which totally defeats the purpose of Youtube but whatever. Fucking Major Labels!!!
Anyway Butthole Surfer's Pepper comes pretty close to "Loser" Just listen to the background.

And how could you mention the 90's without some Bush. So this isn't the official video because of those damn Major Labels
Heres an extra that is in the prog/industrial rock genre that I still very much love.Sort of the pre-beginnings of EMO I suppose. I still have a giant crush on the lead singer though.AAAH memories

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fall08 Roundup

I've been collecting things to put in my Fall 08 folder since probably late June/early July. I've gathered so much that my folders about to pop. Most of these things are and will get to my closet. Some on the other hand will never. Like the badass topshop ankle boots(then again they are opening a store here so never say never). Theres way more in the folder that didn't make it to the collage due to spacing but will eventually be debuted on the blog. Like this floaty lavendar/pale pink dress that reminds me so much of a prom dress from either the 50's or the 70's I can't quite tell. Theres this party that I'm going to this week. It's called American Bandstand and its 50's themed. so think Marty from Back to the Future playing the guitar at the prom type stuff. I was thinking of wearing the dress to that.(which i will document its debut).
Things that will be in the closet come Fall.
-floaty sheathy dresses/tunic/undergarments
-prep wear
-badass ankle boots
-lots of slouchy cardigans/cropped cardigans
-leopard leggings(yes i know, very daring)
-studded belt
-OTK socks
-sandals(with socks)/wedges
-shrunken leather(jacket)
-schoolboy briefcase(aka postman briefcase)
-slouchy berets/beanies/ bowler hats

Currently Awaiting

Rarely do I ever purchase garments (etc) from websites other than ebay. I hate having to pay the shipping charges. Usually because the clothes purchased on a regular website is not as cheap as my purchases on ebay. Anyway.. I was at Forever21 when I came upon this perfect childhood reminiscent staple. Just by looking at it it brought me back to my childhood spent in parks and playing with dolls. But I couldn't quite get myself to buy it because it was just a feeling attached to a memory. I didn't necessarily want it back in my closet. After a couple of days, I realized I wanted it more and more. But there were no more in the store and the website was running low on them. I decided I was gonna get them before they were gone completely. I purchased them from the website shipping charges and all. Now I can't wait to get them!!! I've already thought of what I could pair this with. Maybe a crop top, tights and combat boots? Or maybe a t-shirt and OTK socks and sandals? I know this is probably gonna be a go to staple for the fall. I'm so happy with my decision.This is another addition to my obsession with Doll dresses.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Like, Whatever

Last Thursday my freinds and I went bar hopping in Williamsburg.My freinds came to pick me up, they were waiting outside. When I walked out the door my freind goes to me; "Hey Cher". I totally absent mindedly picked this outfit not realizing that I was a full on Cher.And when I was getting dressed I realized I was looking like someone but couldn't pin point who.
Top: black/white Striped leotard(value depot)
Skirt:Black button front skirt (urban outfitters)
Socks: Black Over the Knee socks(forever21)
Shoes: Black Patent peep-toe sandals(forever21)
Bag: Vintage Red Quilt bag(ebay)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

You Just look at the Wackness

On Wednesday night, my friends and I went to the Angelika to catch The Wackness. The movie is about this kid who lives in New York City and spends the summer dealing pot, making friends with his shrink and crushing on his shrink's step daughter. Josh Peck, Sir Ben Kingsley and Olivia Thrilby all were excellent. Encapsulating a period when New York's Hip Hop culture was on the rise. It's funny to me, because I lived through that period. It was a strange time in New York.The styling on the male part was pretty good, but aside from the Fly girls (check Jennifer Lopez in In Living Color), which was excellent, wasn't really reminscent of the time. It was 1994 for pete's sake.Anyways we all left that movie in a nostaligic mood.It was a really cute movie and I do advise anyone to go see it.
Side Note: Keep a lookout for a really really good Jamaican accent from Method Man
Don't keep a lookout for Mary-Kate Olsen's overacted 10 minutes.(sorry any mk fans,I'm a fan too but her acting was really not good).
After the movie we headed over to Home Sweet Home for some drinks and dancing. When we got there we were greeted with a thick cloud of smoke and lights everywhere. I felt like I walked into a time machine and it brought me back to a New Wave/Goth bar in the 80's. They played all these really obscure dark new wave songs(check Bat for Lashes)
I'm not such a fan but it was such a good time.We danced the whole time we were there.
The Details:
I purchased this dress about 2 weeks ago and I was planning on saving it for the Fall but the fabric was so lightweight that when I put it on it was just so divine. It was almost refreshing. Because when I was getting dressed I was so hot, and then I put it on it just felt like I wasn't even wearing anything.When I found this at the thrift store I fell in love with it. It was perfect for satisfying my grunge-y needs and also my obsession with Girl-y Doll dresses. It was also perfect because I didn't have to altar the bust at all. It fit perfectly. At the bottom it had two giant holes, but I purchased it knowing that I was gonna shorten and hem it anyways.
Dress: Vintage Black and Green Gingham Babydoll Dress(thrifted)
Socks: Ankle Socks with Bow trim(Forever21)
Shoes:Black Pin Up Wedge Sandals(Sugar, Boutique)
Bag: Vintage cream quilt bag(thrifted)
Ring: Silver Baroque inspired ring(forever21)

Double Take

Does this look familiar?
That's because you might have seen these Chloe ads.

Two gorgeous girls sitting on a couch, which neither of them have interaction with each other(read: empty expressions). check
Raw hollowed retro lighting. check
vintage inspired ambiance(read:clothing). check
simplicity at its best. check
Is Charles David taking tips from Chloe? Now if they only took their tips when it comes to shoes.Then maybe they'll be on the mark.
Note: I apologize for the horrible scan. My scanner picked up the pixelation!!!