Sunday, August 10, 2008

90's Revisited: Left of the Dial

So remember when Brenda on 90210 was packing and this was on? Well whenever I hear this song I think back to that part on the show. Some things just are ingrained in your memory.

Take style cues!!!

So originally I was gonna put Beck's Loser here but Universal(you know that major label)disabled all embedding on their copyrights which totally defeats the purpose of Youtube but whatever. Fucking Major Labels!!!
Anyway Butthole Surfer's Pepper comes pretty close to "Loser" Just listen to the background.

And how could you mention the 90's without some Bush. So this isn't the official video because of those damn Major Labels
Heres an extra that is in the prog/industrial rock genre that I still very much love.Sort of the pre-beginnings of EMO I suppose. I still have a giant crush on the lead singer though.AAAH memories

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