Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Day

I wore this to my first day of work. The dress I purchased a while back. Probably some time in June. I loved the way the silhouette is all ready for you to belt it. The silhouette is very 70's but the print seems more appropriate for a tea dress. I could just imagine the ditsy print on Kate Moss. Regardless, I originally intended on selling it but when I hemmed it I just couldn't seem to part with it. It completely felt right in my wardrobe. I added the tuxedo jacket for a contrast and edge. I felt it was an outfit suitable for nightlife but I kind of like how a tuxedo jacket looks during the day. Like its not meant for it but could still work.
Jacket: Black Tuxedo Jacket (Forever21)
Dress: Vintage ditsy floral dress(thrifted)
Shoes: Black Patent criss cross sandals(forever21)
Belt: Black pyramid studded skinny belt(Target)
Bag: Vintage Tan Postman Briefcase(Ebay)


Isa said...

god, it´s been long since I came here (actually, since I visited any blog..)!
you look amazing, I´m completely in love. with that dress. and you. in that dress.
good you kept it!

Tali said...

Hey isabelle,
Its good to have u back on the blog!!! Thanks so much for the lovely comment. Hope all is going well for you and less stressfull.