Monday, April 28, 2008

How To Wear: "Chloe" Slip


This was taken in the morning right before I was heading to school so it was really chilly so I needed to layer a bit. I knew once the afternoon would roll around I would take off the blazer and l/s T.
Jacket: Vintage Gant Navy Schoolboy blazer (from late summer/early fall)
Dress: White "Chloe" Slip Dress(forever21)
T-shirt: White L/S T
Tights: Black Cable knit(Target)
Shoes: Ankle Minnetonka booties
Bag: Black Fringe (H&M)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Classic Aviator (from my b/f)
p.s. excuse the really stern facial expression, I'm not a great morning person.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Summer Festivals

As some of you may know, that this weekend is COACHELLA. It is the season opener for all the rest of the festivals that go on after it. Although I would love to get me a little trailer and camp out 'Springs(Palm, that is) style, I could not and would not afford this hullabaloo of an event. But it got me thinking of the kind of attire I could wear if only I was to attend such an event.

AAAAH!!!Nothing like a sunny afternoon, watching your favorite band perform, drinking a cool one.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Spring

I'm out enjoying the gorgeous weather, that is why I have been a bit negligent. I apologize but updates will be coming shortly.
In the mean time relish on these babes, who embody the season....

On a side note: Doesnt the lead singer look a little eerily like Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother. Its not neccessarily a good or bad thing just an observation.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Un"like"ly Heroes


Meet Charlotte, Tennesee and Z(Berg). 3 parts of the band The Like.They are merely in their early 20's and already have the savvy and wisdom well beyond their years. They are the understated cool girls. And their style is to die for. Charlotte the Brunette with a pension for really short shorts, most likely, single handedly brought the high waist shorts back. From her ice cold stare to her puffy cheeks she is the girl that didn't let you play with her dolls.
Tennessee is a girl with a love for doll's dresses. If she was able to enlarge her doll's dresses that is what it would look like. They are vintage short and snug on top. From her blunt cut bangs to her girl-ish charm she is "Alice in Wonderland". Which brings us to Z . A true cali girl with blonde locks, but those piercing eyes make her anything but. A femme fatale quality to her style and look, which consists of a mix between girly and grungy. She could be wearing a long t-shirt leopard tights and lace -up ankle boots and still look chicer than an Olsen.
These girls have a uniqueness all their own and they are most times overlooked and it seems that they might even like it that way. With a sixties vibe all around and the innocence that they portray its hard to not love them.

Photo credit: The Fashiospot

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Confessions about a Fast Fashion Chain

I recently made an order from none other than the Fast Fashion Mecca itself Forever21.
I normally wouldn't result to waisting money on shipping(which could easily get me an accessory or 2 pairs of underwear at the aforementioned venue)however I couldn't resist passing on a qaint, dainty, little number such as this.Which is so aptly named as "Chloe".They had just brought these into the store but I was not fast enough as they didn't have the size I needed (a small).

I was forced to go the internet route to make this little purchase, but all was not lost because even though this is a bit late for this purchase, I've been eying this fedora for quite some time.
They weren't carrying this in the store anymore because of it's intended season, and they were most likely sold out too. So I made the order; shipping charges and all. I was soo excited for my new items. Although the nightie is made for bed I will treat it as it rightfully should be treated, a dress. It's so lovely for a spring/ summer day outing.
I couldn't wait to get my package so I could wear it. Finally about a week later and alot of anticipation I received the package.It was a plastic envelope with bubbling on the inside. I looked at this and all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. "Where's the hat?" How can they send just the nightie?" "I know I ordered the hat!" "If the hat is in there, where the hell would it fit?" So I finally opened it, and to my sock and horror, the hat was in there alright, folded, twisted and entwined with the nightie.The nightie while wrapped with the hat had received lint from the hat.So now I have black lint on my white dress.Not only that but my hat now has indentations in improper places. I was so annoyed.I figured I'm paying for these items I would assume I would get proper packaging.I mean is it so hard to put it in a box? It was no different if I would have gone to the store.I've gotten better packaging through Ebay vendors than what I received from Forever.
I am not one to rant on and on but my unpleasant experience has annoyed me to no end and I guess I just needed an outlet.
I hope your internet shopping experiences are better than mine.

New on Ebay

Vintage Floral Satin Betsey Johnson Style Slip Dress in a size Medium


Vintage Floral Grunge Boho Mini Tent Shirt Dress in a size Medium


Vintage Floral Liberty Print Grunge Boho A-Line Dress M

They're ending soon so come and take a look.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ahoy Matey

I wore this out to a lazy sunday outing, just to grab some brunch and chill with some friends.
Blazer:Vintage Navy School Boy Blazer(thrifted in the fall)
Sweater: Navy Blue Cardi(OldNavy)
T-shirt: Men's White and Gray T(H&M from a couple of years ago)
Jeans: I know, I'm wearing Jeans!?!?!?!? Dark Wash Skinny folded over
Shoes: White Canvas "Keds"(H&M)
Bag: Vintage Burgundy Saddle Bag(Ebay)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New on Ebay

Vintage High Waist Faded Wash Denim Shorts

Vintage Floral Flutter Boho Maxi Dress

I'm auctioning off on ebay a pair of vintage high waist shorts and a vintage floral maxi dress. Come check it out here and here

Friday, April 11, 2008

How To Wear: Black Tuxedo Jacket(Part 2), Vintage Autumn Floral Dress


In this round of "How To Wear" I paired the Tuxedo Blazer with my Velvet Autumn Floral Dress, Black opaques and Vintage black platform oxfords.
The two together remind me of something straight out of 90210.Something that Valerie or Kelly would have worn, perhaps?
Anyways... I ended up fitting the sleeves and sideseam for a far better fit than how it originally came.It instantly made it ten times better!!!
Blazer: Black Tuxedo Blazer(F21)
Dress: Vintage Velvet Autumn Floral Dress(Ebay)
Shoes: Vintage Black Platform Oxfords(Ebay)

How To Wear: Black Tuxedo Blazer(Part 1)


For a monochromatic look with a bit of pop I paired this Black Tuxedo Blazer with a loose lived-in T, Patent Black Corset Belt,Black Bondage Skirt, Black opaques, Vintage Black Platform Oxfords and a red chain link bag
When I first saw this Blazer I kept passing it by. I Didn't give it much of a chance. Then one day I succumbed to it's incessant calling and tried it on. From the Satin details on the lapel and pockets to the double breasted buttons to the slim fit sleeves I was sucked in.Once closed fully, the slim fit all around was the deal breaker. There was no looking back after that. However I might possibly be considering giving this baby a hem chop. What do you think? Should I stay with the elongated almost "Dress" Like length or shorten it about 2"?

Blazer: Black Tuxedo Blazer(F21)
T-shirt: White Lived in T(H&M)
Skirt: Black Bondage (H&M)
Shoes: Vintage Black Platform Oxfords(Ebay)
Bag: Vintage Red Chain Link Bag(Ebay)
P.S. I tried getting a better close up of the jacket and lapel but I don't think it did the jacket any justice. Hopefully in Version 2 there will be a better contrast to see the jacket.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Gearing up for Spring....

Spring/ Summer Essentials:

Things that will be in my closet come this spring:
  1. Florals
  2. White airy dresses
  3. denim vest
  4. comfy summer cardigan
  5. boyfriend blazer
  6. bondage skirt
  7. ankle boots
  8. spring hats
  9. printed bag
  10. high socks
  11. some killer sandals
  12. different play on last summer's wayfarer
  13. a pair of keds
  14. crisp white T's

Something that always make me happy while waiting for the weather to actually match the date is watching this video from Au Revior Simone. It is called "Fallen Snow" and always makes me excited for the warm weather.

P.S. One of the girls totally reminds me of Rhiannon.

New on Ebay....


Vintage High Waist Pleated Floral Skirt

Vest: new denim vest(f21)
T-shirt: White gathered scoop neck (H&M)
Tights: Brown(target)
Boots: Vintage brown ankle(ebay)
Hat: Navy blue knit beret
Bangle: new bangle from flea market


Vintage Navy and White Floral A-line Grunge Dress
Jacket: vintage Gant boy's navy blazer
Tights: black opaque
Boots: Vintage navy ankle lace up

Come and Check it out Here and Here.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Purchases!!!!


Bag: Vintage Cream Quilt Chainlink Bag(flea market)
Slip: Vintage White Slip(thrifted)
Bracelet: Dainty Flower Bangle(flea market)


Jacket: Tuxedo Jacket with Satin Detailing on lapell and pockets(f21)
Vest: Dark Denim Vest(f21)

Belt: Patent Leather Corset Belt (believe it or not Joyce Leslie)
Bag: Fringe Black Leather bag(H&M)