Friday, May 29, 2009

Travelling Essentials

I will be leaving the country to go on vacation abroad tomorrow night for the next two weeks. Deciding what to wear on the plane is probably just as tough as figuring out what to pack. I put together a little polyvore compilation of essentials when traveling on a long flight(about 10 hours).You have to make sure that what you wear for most of the flight is comfortable enough to last you through the duration. I chose a palette of mostly black because that ensures you that if you do get stained it won't show as much as let's say a white T-shirt. I think a cozy sweater over a sweatshirt is more feminine and less sloppy.I picked ankle boots, because they look great with anything and again more put together than sneakers.For flights that are longer than 7 hours, its better to consider bringing a change of clothing because when you get off that airplane and re-connect with the world again, you don't want to feel like you've just been through a rough night(which you were but at least you don't want to look like it). Also a hat is great to keep your hair from getting that flatness that it gets from recirculated air.Water and lotion are essential for keeping hydrated on such a long flight.Entertainment is always necessary, I chose an ipod and a book because how can you go wrong with music to keep you relaxed and the book is actually the book that I bought that I will be reading. Its Dear Diary by Leslie Arfin. I've been curious about it since it came out, finally going to read it.
Anyways I'll be back in two weeks. Hopefully you all will be enjoying the beginnings of summer as well, with many trips and festivals and barbeques!!!
Cheers everyone!!!!

And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you, Just what you want me to


Remember those trunk bags that were around in the 90's? They even had a strap that latched on. I used to own two. One was leather and had caricature daisies printed on it.(You know, the daisies that their core had a smiley face?) and the other was a gunmetal one. Now that i think back, it was pretty bad ass!!!I'm really on the hunt for one and can't seem to find them. I found one a while ago on ebay, but ended up selling for way more than I cared to shell for this piece of nostalgic accessory.
I found the bag I'm carrying a looong time ago at Beacon's Closet and although it's more 50's than 90's it still has that lunchbox effect.I love how angular it is and how it juxtaposes against something so casual.
I actually put a photo of one of the listings in my inspiration folder.This is the one I just couldn't win.

I went out for a friend's birthday in the Lower East Side. First to Local 138, which is your quintessential starting point and then to mason dixon's for a rowdy good time.

Jacket: Vintage bleached Denim Jacket(Thrifted)
Dress: Vintage Floral Scoop Neck Dress w/ Suspender Back(thrifted)
tights:Black Opaque (H&M)
Shoes: Black Suede Lace Up Booties(Charlotte Ronson)
Bag: Vintage 50's Leather Purse(Beacon's Closet)
Hat: Light Pink Fuzzy Beret(Urban Outfitters

(this is the only video I could find that the quality was good and didn't have embedding restrictions)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Into the Trees


As you can see we here, in New York, haven't been getting much of a spring/summer. Its been pretty wretched, actually. Right after I finished taking these photos, it started raining.I had to bring out my black tights again and all my rain gear because its been raining non-stop.My boyfriend was like "not those again?". At this point he's sick of seeing me in black tights, because that's really all I wear. I just wish it wasn't so extreme here. Right before it was really crappy out, it was so beautiful. It was high 70's and breezy and just perfect. I wish it could be like that 9/12 months, instead of the other way around. Once it's June, that's it, Hell finds it's nest here on earth and brings Mr. Humidity along with it.
Well aside from the rant on the weather, I had to run some errands and wanted to wear my skirt that i just recently hemmed.

Jacket:Vintage Navy Blue Schoolboy BLazer(Ebay)
T-shirt: White Scoop Neck Relaxed T(Forever21)
Skirt:Vintage Light Blue Denim Circle Skirt(Thrifted)
Tights: Blak Opaque Tights(H&M)
Shoes: Black Loafers(Urban oufitters)
Bag:Vintage Tan Breifcase(Ebay)
Belt:Vintage Black Belt(Thrifted)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


As I was browsing the payless website to check out the collaboration with Alice+Olivia, what do I happen to have come across but 2 pairs of these wacky platform heels.The only thing that kept running through my mind was Parker Posey in Party Girl.It totally reminded me of the stylings of the mid-late 90's party retro girl. What better way to get you in the groove than this perfect match of a song(weirdly enough the singer looks a lot like Parker Posey in Party Girl.Unfortunately the only available video has the embedding disabled so its just a link but I promise, its really fun!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Geekn' It


I finally gave in to temptation. I bought the faux wayfarer eyeglasses.I was walking to the train station on Broadway and Canal when the glasses caught my eye. I stopped to see what I would look like with them on, with no intention of buying them, when the sales lady told me she would give them to me for $8.00. I told her that I didn't want to purchase them when she continued negotiating with me. Finally she gave in and asked me how much I wanted to pay, when I told her a befitting amount that I would spend on something that might or might not sit in my drawer for the rest of eternity.I said "$5.00" and she with much hesitation said "okay" and there it was a pretty random, unintentional purchase.Fast forward 24 hours later I 'm wearing them to go out.Who'dathunk it?

I spent Saturday night with my friend Elie, went to Arrow Bar, then to meet up with some friends at a bar around the corner. It rained like crazy, it was hot and stuffy. It was awesome!!!

Jacket:Vintage Bleached Denim Jacket(Thrifted)
Dress: Black Overall Jumper Dress(Forever21)
T-shirt:White Rolled Cap Cap Sleeve(Forever21)
Over-knee Socks: Black Opaque(Target)
Bag:Vintage Croc Padlock Briefcase(Thrifted)
Shoes:Black Ankle Lace Up Boots(NineWest)

Some photos via Elie's mobile uploads:

The Good Ol' Day(s)

Crushing on the maniac!!!

Ever since Green Day has been back on the media horse, I've been nostalgic like crazy.I say we bring back loser-core, and if it means this:

so be it!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home is Where the Bar Is


Alexa Chung: 'The rule is that no good bars or restaurants are on the beaten track'

New York Doll

I've been given my own office in the MTV building in Times Square. It has made me realise this is all very real now, very real and very serious. Back in England when I worked on Popworld, Alex Zane and I used to pen our links in the dusty corner of a tape storage room before progressing to the more dignified surroundings of the local Irish pub. I liked it like that, I was used to it. From 23 floors up, if I crane my neck I can see all the flashing neon signs on 42nd Street from my window, it's ridiculous, I feel like I'm about to be found out.

Now that I've settled in a little (I have two sofas, a lamp and tomato ketchup in my fridge) I've started to enjoy the vibrant nightlife New York has to offer. I've also fallen into the trap of visiting the same bar pretty much every single night. It's underneath an innocent looking pizza place that is impossible to find unless you know it exists, once there you can spot most of the "Briteratti" (I did not coin this phrase, sadly) and at least one representative from every cool band huddled up in dim corners and redundant fireplaces guzzling down Jack 'n' Coke.

It seems to be the general rule in this city that no good bars or restaurants are ever obvious or on the beaten track, you always have to ring a buzzer or push a wall to get in. In the case of my favourite Mexican, La Esquina, you have to walk through a bustling kitchen and down a narrow corridor before being seated in a huge open cellar featuring every kind of tequila known to man.

On Friday Night I went to a bar called Home Sweet Home which weirdly contained the same stuffed stoats and tatty-looking sofas as, erm, I've got at home. A DJ played Sixties' girl group records about broken hearts and pining after somebody, and some bright spark instigated an impromptu limbo competition, using only his tie as the bar. I definitely haven't thought about the limbo since the Nineties.

That night I took on the role of limbo mascot and made it my job to encourage others to join in and get bending. I also began cheering on strangers in my booming voice. But I regretted it the next morning, when my sore throat rapidly developed into a full-blown cold, which makes it even harder for people to understand my accent.

I've taken to sporadically adopting an American accent at the tiniest hint of a problem, just to make sure things run smoothly. Hopefully this won't become a permanent habit.

In keeping with the ongoing saga of too many cooks (dogs) spoiling the broth (apartment building), yesterday I saw another grumpy looking canine fall down a flight of stairs. I didn't know dogs ever fell down things. I felt so sorry for him and it made me rethink my resentment of living in a building overrun with man's best friend. Maybe I'm just jealous because I don't have one; a dog, not a best friend. Although once my mate Tennessee leaves next week, best friends will be a bit thin on the ground. Oh God, time to get a TV...
The Independent via the fashionspot

I really love that bar!!!! If I had to have a relationship with a bar, it would be that bar!!!
Also that dress needs to be in my closet, by September.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I was delayed, I was way late


Finally documented: the clogs I mentioned I've been wearing a few posts back.Wore this out to run some errands.
Jacket:Vintage Faded Denim Jacket
Shirt:White Double scoop neck T-shirt(Old Navy)
Skirt:Vintage Button Front Floral Skirt(thrifted)
Tights: Black Opaque Tights(H&M)
Shoes: Vintage Tan Clog Platform Sandals(Ebay)
Bag:Vintage Black Purse(thrifted)
Sunglasses:Vintage Inspired Black Round Sunglasses(St. Mark's)



Remember in the 90's when In Living Color was on air and a young,willing,Jennifer Lopez kicked it with her fly girls?
Yea well my boyfriend does and he thinks that's who I look like when I pulled my hair back into a bun and put on some silver hoop earrings.Well regardless of that little fact, I wore this out on Saturday night for a night of debauched goodness.

Jacket:Vintage Bleached Denim Jacket(thrifted)
Dress: Black Button Henley Dress(Urban Outfitters).This dress is so comfy and so cheap I ended up buying it twice just in case the other one deteriorates from overuse.
Tights:Black Opaque Tights(H&M)
Shoes: Black Ankle Lace Up Boots(Nine West)
Belt: Skinny Studded Black Belt(Target)
Bag:Vintage Tan Postman Briefcase(Coach, Ebay)
Earrings:Silver Hoop Earrings (Guess)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Just impeccably done!!! Even if the clothes aren't amazing (which I'm sure they will be), it's all worth it just for this.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hi, Its Been a Long Time

I've been completely neglecting this blog over the last few months. I feel terrible, but its just been a bit busy over here and I haven't had a moment to just stop and document.It sucks that every time I want to it rains!!! But I guess I'm so excited its beautiful out I don't want to waste any time at home, so I just leave without stopping to take a photo.
Jacket: Green Military Jacket(H&M)
Dress: Vintage Floral Dress(thrifted)
T-shirt: Black Long Slv T-shirt(Forever21)
Tights: Black Opaque(H&M)
Boots: Vintage black Riding Boots(Ebay)
Belt: Black pyramid studded skinny belt(Target)
Bag: Vintage Black Leather Purse(thrifted)
Hat:Black Knit Beret(H&M)