Saturday, October 31, 2009


A few posts back I posted about having bought 3 different printed dresses. This dress would be the second one. It has a great silhouette and the print is a bit strange(a bunch of filled in and not filled in cubes).I wasn't sure how it would transition to a fall wardrobe but I paired it with dark tights and I think that it looks great. It is a bit light for Fall but I love how light dresses that are meant for summer look when worn with layers.
The leather jacket was purchased some time in September and was seriously one of the best buys I've made. It was exactly what I was looking for in a leather jack. Cropped sleeves, shrunken fit and cheap. Although it is faux, it really does it justice since it doesn't look or feel like it is.
The bag was actually one of those random buys that after purchase you were like "How did that happen?" I was walking out of Mudspot with my friend Danielle after lunch and I immedietly spotted something in the lower corner of my eyes and darted right for this bright multi-colored trunk bag with this string attached to it. It was sitting alongside bohemian knick knacks and indian inspired accessories.I pick it up and ask the lady who ows the shop right next door to Mudspot how much it was and she responds, to my astonishment, "$4.00". I turn to Danielle and she could tell of my excitement she says to me"Definitely get it" I couldn't care less that the thing looked like it belonged to a 70's stripper, something that I've been looking for and it costs $4.00 and I found it at a Manhattan boutique, that alone was worth owning.
I brought it home and painted it all balck which was no easy feat,because it had wavy multi colored stripes and panels.I added a velvet ribbon with an adjustable ring for the strap and viola!!! My very own, DIYed trunk bag.

Jacket:Faux Black Leather Shrunken Motorcylce Jacket (Charlotte Russe)
Sweater:Dark Gray Wool Shrunken Sweater(H&M)
Dress:Vintage Button Front Light Blue Printed Dress(thrifted)
Tights:Black Opaque 100 denier(H&M)
Shoes:Black Gladiator Ballet Flat(forever21)
Bag:Black DIY Trunk Bag(Boutique in E.V.)
Sunglasses:Vintage Clubmasters(flea market)
Belt:Black studded Belt(Forever21)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old Hollow's Eve

Which one of these fashion icons are serving as inspiration for my costume this year?
Let's see if you can guess which one?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Editor's Note

Something that you guys should know about my absence as of late. For the last year since graduating from F.I.T. I was freelancing and doing a bunch of different projects and in general had more time than I was used to. Starting this blog was not only an outlet for creativity and anything fashion related but also one of my projects that I took on. I didn't quite fully divulge all my life's details just because I do believe in keeping some things to myself, and I guess doesn't leave me feeling so exposed as it can in the "blogosphere".Recently I've found something that has been taking up a lot of my time. A full time job. That being said its quite obvious where my time is being channeled. I am so grateful that I have readers and followers, who keep coming back to check up on this here blog and really give me incentive on updating more often than I do. I dedicate this post to you for being so awesome!!!

Post Script: There were many looks from this season's fashion weeks that I would just love to add but it was getting to be a little strenuous and tedious and I'm sure at this point any sort of media has covered it all.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Erin Fetherston


Talk about mature apparel. So yes, I was being a bit harsh on Charlotte Ronson for going that route of making her collection look mature, but it's only because she lost her niche along the way. Whereas Erin hasn't lost it just is doing it gracefully. This is a bit mature compared to previous collections but its transitioning is done just right. Also I need that trench by Spring!!!



Is there something in the parisian waters? Because this collection looks like Isabelle Marant designed it and Hannah McGibbon just signed off on the designs and called it her own. Despite the similarity in aesthetic for this collection it is great, not amazing though. Because if we were gonna compare Hannah's first collection to this one its safe to say that the former is more "Chloe" than this season's collection is. It very much has the Parisian Chic aesthetic that Isabelle Marant is known for.From the use of neutrals and nudes to the menswear/oversized everything and the outdoors-y influences. Its hard to see the transition from the last collection to this one because they are so different but no matter what, anything Chloe produces is magical in my eyes.

Charlotte Ronson


Keeping up with the Charlotte girl gone haute, this season's collection was just that of a continuation from the last show. It's not the Charlotte Ronson we knew and loved but a Ready-to-Wear couture house. There are still some glimmers of what was once a distinguishable look from the designer.I don't dislike the collection it's just not what I used to love, but maybe change isn't so bad? It's just that you used to expect a certain feeling when seeing this show and you just don't get that familiarity anymore. Overall I think the palette is fantastic and the silhouettes are great, but (I reiterate) not what I would expect.

Thursday, October 8, 2009



I've never reviewed a Balmain collection on this blog before but I've recently come to notice that I've been attracted to disco era attire and this collection although not 70's in nature, has colors of the decade(or should I say decadence). The silhouettes are by no means retro but rather grecian and armor like as a Balmain collection should be. I was also most attracted to the usage of military coats/jackets.I've never really had a connection to the design house but they are starting to grow on me.You could see they really have a point of view and that is always admirable.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Alexander Wang


What hasn't been said about the downtown darling that I could possibly say. An ingenious collection right? A fascinating take on Varsity Inspiration? Whatever the comments he definitely has people's attention.I found the collection appealing but a bit of a departure for our young ingenue.If we look back at his collections we see a dark edgy mono-tonal collection with the exception of a few spurts of colors here and there.The varsity inspiration is somewhat strange when attached to his name don't you think? It's like the anti wang wang girl. Does that make sense? I mean before the wang girl was clad in leather and chains and all that but now she's the angel dressed in white? Its funny and its ironic and I suppose that's what the designer wanted. To keep us on our toes because how else is a downtown darling supposed to stay on top?

Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Shows

Overall I've neglected to do a recap of all the shows during fashion week. New York and London have blown right by and not a single update was done on my part. It started in February, with a feeling of apatheticism(not sure if that's a word I made up) due to a somber mood because of the economy and a lacking of "wow" factor. This season I wasn't quite ready to be seeing a slue of spring/summer styles right when we just got out of a summer that wasn't quite summer-y.I don't know what it is this season but just starting to get into fall mode, I was completely distasteful to anything remotely related to Spring/ Summer. Fashion week always landed in the first weeks of September and its always right after Summer so I'm not sure why I can't seem to be bothered with this right now when I've done the opposite in the past. That being said there were some looks that I did find appealing despite the timing.

Anna Sui
Anna Sui's collection was exactly what you would expect from her collections. A little bit bohemian, a little bit edgy, and a little bit girly.That's what's great about Anna Sui, you know that regardless of what trends come and go she always has her aesthetic and she always remains consistent. The collection that she created for Target with "Gossip Girl" in mind, I think has transpired to her runway collection because you can definitely see the resemblance, just with one huge difference. Quality.