Monday, March 31, 2008

How To Wear: FLouncy Skirt

Sweater: Black grandpa (f21)
T-shirt: White gathered scoop neck(H&M)
Skirt: vintage floral(ebay)
tights: Black opaque
Shoes: Vintage Black Platform Oxfords

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New on Ebay: Floral Mini Full Skirt

I'm auctioning off on ebay this awesome floral skirt that i purchased last summer and have only worn once. It's bright and colorful and faded in just the right places to give it a comfortable worn in feel!!!
Come Check It Out Here .

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ebay Finds 3,4,5&6

3.These are Vintage Black platform oxfords.They kind of remind me of the mid-90's version of this style. I think it might be the style of the platform.What drew me in also is the reminiscence of the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Ankle BootsI've worn them out already and have gotten so many compliments on them.I love them!!!
4.Vintage Velvet Autumn Floral A-Line Dress. I saw this dress on ebay ages ago but i missed my chance to bid. Somehow the ebay gds have listened to my prayers and sent this to me once again. I have to make some adjustments to the shoulders and tighten the sleeve to give it a more of an edge, but other than that i can't wait to wear it.
5.Vintage Floral Flouncy Skirt. This skirt also reminded me of the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony skirt that she wore out to her launch party. It inspire me to go and get a flouncy skirt too.
6.This is probably the closest I've come to the Country Romance Maxi Dress that I've been wanting for so long.


This whole outfit is based around the tights I'm wearing. They are brown with a floral print. I wasn't sure how good a print would look on me but I ended up loving them not to mention they are one of the best tights I own. They are super comfy and suck everything in. They were bought on a whim but I am so satisfied with my purchase.
(I apologize I couldn't get a closeup of the print but it was very hard to photograph up close)
Dress: Cream full gathered sleeves(f21)
Tights: Brown w/ a black print (target)
Shoes: Brown/ plaid platform oxfords(zinc)
Belt: Vintage burgundy(mom's closet, my newest/oldest/favorite find)
Bag: Vintage Red Quilt bag

Been away for a long long time.....

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy. Between outings with my boyfriend and school and now spring break I didn't really have much time to actually sit down and blog or document outfits. I didn't get to go anywhere special for spring break because my friend had asked me to fill in for her in her job for a temporary thing so I was doing that all week.
On a side friends and I want to get out of the city and go somewhere upstate and do a thrift tour. Basically what that means is just go through some towns in suburbia and find thrift stores in that town. I'm not sure when but I know it would be absolutely perfect to do a day trip like that when everything is in bloom. So I think we'll wait for spring to start but I'll definately be posting about it when the time comes.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey there,
Sorry about the lack of posts. I have been pretty busy lately (more on that later).I haven't had a chance to sit down and post. I'll be back to posting very soon.
Come back to keep checking!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blush Pink + Burgundy= Gold

Doing the belting everything thing. It just adds a lot more clean lines with an outfit that could look so drab without it.
Sweater: Burgundy Sweater Jacket(F21, ages ago)
Slip 1: Blush Pink (f21)
Slip 2: Vintage Off White Farmer's eyelet
Tights: Brown printed floral(target)
Shoes: Vintage Brown Pixie Ankle
Belt: Vintage Burgundy

Paiging Michael Alig and James St. James

This is Roisin Murphy.The Video is called "Overpowered".
I've heard this song before and have never seen the video. When I finally saw the video I was floored with the styling of it.I could see this coming down 6th Ave and 21st(see Limelight/a.k.a. Avalon) on any given night in 1995. I am most definately not a fan of New Rave style or anything Jeremy Scott related but as far as european music videos are concerned this definately won me over. The woman can dress. I mean anyone that has a slue of shoulderpads in their wardrobe and can make it work(and I don't mean the 9 to 5 kind) is astounding, in my opinion.
Onto the music; I am absolutely enamored with the lyrics to this song and the way it just rolls off the tongue, and the smoothness of it is just amazing.

Free Love and Peace

I'm auctioning off this wonderful dress on Ebay. It's perfect for a warm spring/summer day and has great flutter sleeves. This dress reminds me so much of those prom dresses they used to wear in the early 70's. Like the ones they wear in The Virgin Suicides. But it also makes me want to find a grassy knoll and Bee In.
"Turn on, Tune in, Dropout"
Come and check it out Here.

Monday, March 10, 2008

1 Vest, 4 Ways

4.I found an off white Faux Fur Vest at Forever21. It was a key piece to add to my "humble" closet. But really, Shouldn't every girl have a fur vest? I don't believe in real fur because of its immoral purposes but I do believe in Faux Fur. And I found this one on sale and knew that it would make a perfect addition to my wardrobe.
1.The key item, an off white Faux Fur Vest (F21) is paired with a black bondage tank dress(H&M) Black opaque tights and platform oxfords(zinc) and a red chainlink bag.
I love the back of this dress, I had to post it!!!
2. In this outfit the Faux Fur Vest is paired with a simple sheer t-shirt(H&M), skinny jeans, Platform Oxfords and a red quilted chain link bag.
3. The Faux Fur Vest is paired with a paisley tunic(Zara, from so long ago it might as well be vintage), Vintage High Waisted Shorts, Black tights, Platform Oxfords
4. This outfit was actually inspired by a Sienna Miller outfit from a couple of years ago. Now I know I said that there wouldn't be any imitation of celeb style here, but this look has always caught my eye for its bohemian attitude. What can I say, I am a sucker for some Bohemia.
Vest, White L/S T-shirt(H&M), Low Slung Full Skirt(survival, very old), Black tights, Vintage Black Riding Boots(Ebay), Ray Bans(Gift from my b/f), Balenciaga bag(two Summers ago)

Goin' once, Goin' Twice......

I'm auctioning off this Vintage Liz Claibourne Blazer on Ebay. It's an awesome blazer, soo comfy and roomy and totally reminds me of the Balenciaga A/W 2007 Runway.

The sleeves are even roomy to scrunch up!!! The details are awesome, like the emblazone on the breast pocket or the gold sailor buttons.
Come Check it out Here.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Men's Flannel Shirt Remix

I purchased a man's size Large flannel shirt at a discount store and took it home and reconstructed it to a babydoll. I cut the shirt at the empire and gathered it. I took in the sides and the sleeves. This is how it came out:

I apologize that I didn't add a before pic, although I did take one on my camera phone but now the computer and phone's current don't coincide so I can't tranfer the file onto my computer. Well regardless you could just imagine, it was an enormous men's flannel shirt.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

They Had Me Seeing Stars

I was readingfashionista when to my shock and horror I was being informed of the future of prints and it's looking bleak for my florals. There have been other media outposts relaying this message, indicating that this trend has already begun.With the new Topshop stars dress in fashionista, the girls featured in PainfullyHip,via thecobrasnake, an editorial w/ Sasha P. looking quite sickly rolling around in the sand w/ stars, this from nylon;
and I think, not 100% sure about this, an Olsen sighting w/ aforementioned print.
Now this is not something I am completely signing off altogether, b/c that girl with the YSL star earings looks so damn cute, in her best Penny Lane outfit, but I am a floral girl through and through and I am really not ready to let that go just yet. Fashionista is reporting that stars are taking over florals because apparently florals have been out for quite some time.But in a general sense I honestly think it's hitting the population just now. I remember last summer when everyone, who doesn't own a Kate Moss for Topshop Liberty print dress, was channeling monochrome a'la Olsens/Jenni Kayne, and I was wearing my vintage floral frocks. Yes, ofcourse florals are specific for the Spring/ Summer so even if people are wearing their florals, its not because balenciaga sent it down the runway for the s/s '08 collection but b/c its been like that since, I don't know forever, but despite that knowledge, b/c I am fashion junkie, is this it for my beloved tea dress, Liberty print, 90's, florals?
Update: I had forgotten that I stored this photo for this post in my folder. And itit turns out I was right about an Olsen sighting with the print.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Black Cupcake

So...remember this post?
Well this is the dress that I was talking about. I love this dress!!!! Its perfect for any occasion. You could wear it with flats, with heels to brunch or to a party. It even has roomy pockets for any stashing of your liking.
I'm wearing it with a vintage burgundy belt, black opaque tights and platform mary janes.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

She Was A Daytime tripper, A Night crawler

I got my new Jumper floral dress last week. And just like I imagined, it was adorable. I love it!!!! Although it needed a bit of taking in, it was perfect. It's usually very hard for me to find something that the length of the item doesn't need to be adjusted, but not this!!!!
I wore this outfit to go to school during the day with a pair of navy schoolboy ankle boots and a cream sweater over it and at night (since I had a really late class- ran till almost 10pm) I went to the famous Lit bar in the east village. I wore it with a navy knit beret and my red chainlink bag.
This is probably going to be my favorite piece for the season.

Chloe A/W '08

How can I be a devoted fan if I don't report on my favorite label?
Chloe showed this week in Paris, and the collection was....well...not what I had expected. Paulo Melim Andersson obviously has a vision.The ultimate Chloe girl wraps herself up in flowing, moving, ethereal fabrics. Now I am a fan of those fabrics but when there is no form to the fit, that's when I get lost. We saw this in S/S '08 and were seeing a repeat of that now in A/W '08, only now he has jumped on the print wagon and has added details for days. All the while staying true to the very minimal color schemes of whites and dark blues.
We're also seeing alot of sheers so that means layering up. Not to mention POINTY TOES are back!!!! Now the caps are there for a reason, because POINTY TOES are back!!! and I am sooooo not excited. I'm sorry but do you remember those days? They were not the most comfortable of days. I guess I have a season or two before I have to pretty much chuck all my shoes that I have bought within the last few years to the dark side of the closet?
I'm not feeling the collection today but who knows maybe I'll warm up to it. I had the same feelings towards the S/S '08 collection and then I ended up liking it, so who knows.
How do you feel about the collection?
P.S.: Did you notice the color they used on the lips?
They used Rouge, the same color they used on the S/S collection, and used by yours truly!!!
Photo credit: Style