Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chloe A/W '08

How can I be a devoted fan if I don't report on my favorite label?
Chloe showed this week in Paris, and the collection was....well...not what I had expected. Paulo Melim Andersson obviously has a vision.The ultimate Chloe girl wraps herself up in flowing, moving, ethereal fabrics. Now I am a fan of those fabrics but when there is no form to the fit, that's when I get lost. We saw this in S/S '08 and were seeing a repeat of that now in A/W '08, only now he has jumped on the print wagon and has added details for days. All the while staying true to the very minimal color schemes of whites and dark blues.
We're also seeing alot of sheers so that means layering up. Not to mention POINTY TOES are back!!!! Now the caps are there for a reason, because POINTY TOES are back!!! and I am sooooo not excited. I'm sorry but do you remember those days? They were not the most comfortable of days. I guess I have a season or two before I have to pretty much chuck all my shoes that I have bought within the last few years to the dark side of the closet?
I'm not feeling the collection today but who knows maybe I'll warm up to it. I had the same feelings towards the S/S '08 collection and then I ended up liking it, so who knows.
How do you feel about the collection?
P.S.: Did you notice the color they used on the lips?
They used Rouge, the same color they used on the S/S collection, and used by yours truly!!!
Photo credit: Style

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