Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fever

Spring Fever
Spring Fever - by Dainty Vintage on

This spring the trends are across the board. There's the edgy and rocker vibe going on.Then theres the 90's trend that is growing and expanding by the numbers.Then theres the 70's ethereal which will end up everywhere as well.
Must haves:
-Flirty floral dresses
-Slip Dresses
-Light/pastel anything
-An almost white denim jacket(preferably shrunken)
-Mom jeans(just take a look at swedish streetstyle.)
-Ever pervasive high waisted shorts
-Floaty skirts
-A cropped bustier(or a cropped t-shirt that's snug)
-Creepers(you will want a pair, by springs end)
-Of course ankle boots
-disco worthy platforms(preferably in woodsy colors)
-round sunglasses(you can't deny their infectiousness)
-a straw boater

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The European Front


First off I have to say Charles Anastase's collection was INSANE!!! not in bad way but not in a good way either.These three looks (and a few others)were probably the most demure and wearable out of the whole collection. The collection as a whole seemed like it was straight out of some horror punk movie, with the addition of dirty faces, torn and dirty tights and shoes.Although freakish, it still maintained the aesthetic that an Anastase girl looks for. Edgy and girly combined to one look.


What can you say about Parisian Chic. Women love it and girls want to have it.I think any girl can vouch when I say that to have a parisian elegance is to achieve fashion bliss. This collection in a nutshell is that very essence. With all the crazy embellishments and gaudiness we see everywhere else, to see this collection is like a sigh of relief.


After 2 seasons in with Hannah MacGibbon, I can finally say "Welcome Back Chloe".This collection proves that after a few puzzling collections since the absence of Pheobe Philo, we can rest assured her protege can and will maintain Chloe's pedigree.
A few things I have to point out:
1.THE MAKE UP!!!!-oh my gosh, that make up is amazing. You can really see that the Chloe girl is moving on and progressing into a woman whose matured and sophisticated just by the make-up alone.Which is what I think Hannah had intended. Shes not trying to be Pheobe Philo, but trying to continue the path.
2.BLACK VELVET OVERALLS!!!!-who wouldn't want those?
3.THE SHOES!!!-what is a chloe collection without stand out shoes?

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony


I'm sure this isn't new. I'm sure anyone who cares to see this has already done so but I have to say that those shoes are heaven sent!!! Oh my gosh they're lust worthy!!!
About a month ago I purchased a pair of black leather wedge sandals that are very reminiscent of the Twelfth street Cynthia Vincent sandals that were and still are super popular. They also look very much like these. I was super stoked to have ended up keeping them after seeing The chloe Sevigny version.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Sugar and Spice and everything nice!!! Erin Fetherston does it again. I don't know what it is, but the girl can do no harm in my eyes.I'm a sucker for girly looks and amid all the dark and moody looks coming from every other designer it really is a breath of fresh air.She knows her client and she know what to give them, and she really does keep it consistent. The mime-y influence and the masks are a little random but maybe the whole idea behind the collection is masquerade and who doesn't love getting dressed up?

This time around Alexander Wang's collection didn't really do it for me. Overall it was okay but honestly I wasn't too moved by it. Compared to his last Fall/Winter collection its a bit boring. Maybe I just don't get the whole cut-out in different variations thing.The biker shorts trend is awesome though. I had a huge feeling that these will come back but definitely not for Winter that's for sure. I don't know about you but there's no way I'll be wearing biker shorts with tights when its 15 degrees outside.These three looks would have to be my favorites of the whole collection.
It seems that Catherine Holstein knows Fall/Winter attire really well because even though her Spring/Summer collection really hit it big with the critics I wasn't too fond of it. Maybe it was the heavy head pieces she put on the models or the comparison to Super Mario Brothers, something just didn't click for me with that collection. This collection on the other hand is really be-witching. I absolutely love the dark elements and the combination of crushed velvet and chiffon. Aside from the Purple Pants, nothing in the collection is really innovative or fresh, even right down to the black lips. However it hits all the right trends without it being shoved down your throat, which is fresh in it's own right.