Friday, February 29, 2008

Leather & Lace

Jacket: Black leather motorcycle jacket(H&M)
Dress: Off-white floral lace dress(w/ the most amazing 60's bell sleeves,f21)
Tights: Black opaque
Shoes: Brown platform oxfords(Zinc)
Bag: Vintage Red Chainlink

Creeping Up: Creepers

I have been secretly wanting these...oh probably....since 4th grade. Since I decided I was going to marry Billy Joe Armstrong. Yeah I was about 13 at the time but I always had secret feelings for these puppies.I always felt they couldn't possibly look feminine. Now fast forward 9 years later I'm with a guy that kind of looks like Billy Joe and creepers are starting to up again. And the punk/goth/emo set are not the only ones channeling their inner Johnny Rotten.
I would love the Chloe Sevigny version. Low with folded ankle socks, a high waisted floral skirt and a t-shirt or short sleeve button down. Now where did I put that Dookie album?

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Finds

On a recent trip to Union Sqaure and Soho, I was able to find some really good deals on what is normally already pretty cheap. So you could just imagine how cheap it really was.
My boyfriend and I had a brunch benefit in the morning in the downtown area, so afterwards I split from him and did some bargain hunting.
My finds were:
Printed Boho shift dress with a peter pan collar. (H&M for $10.00)***I added a white ribbon to tie around the collar for a little something extra that the dress lacked.
I paired it with white tights vintage brown suede pirate boots and vintage saddle bag.
White babydoll jersey dress(f21 $6.99)I paired this with a l/s t-shirt underneath with gray cable knit tights,vintage brown ankle pixie boots and a navy cable knit beret.

Currently Channeling: Rouge Lips

As you may have already noticed, I have been wearing dark rouge lipstick for a little while now. And apparently I am not the only one doing this either. Some shades are darker than others and some are altogether bewitching(like in Luella A/W '08 collection)but theres something so innocent yet mysterious about this color. Not to mention pretty grunge-worthy.What can I say I love my '90's!!!!Go on girls, and give us a pout!!!
Photo Credit: Style, thecobrasnake, theimagist

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Floral Evening

For a night out:
Jacket: Leather motorcycle jacket H&M,few seasons old)
Sweater(you can't see) Black knit(H&M)
Dress:Floral jumper dress(thrifted and shortened)***
Belt: Black Woven Leather(H&M)
Tights: Black opaque
Shoes: Zinc plaid platform oxfords
Bag: Red quilt Chainlink
***When i purchased this dress, it was long and big. I shortened it and gave it a bit more shape for definition. It now looks like it was meant to fit!!! Yay!!! It looked completely different before.(I need to start taking more BEFORE pictures)Anyways what drew me to this dress was the back of it.I love the back.

Gray Matters

For a day look for school:
Sweater: Navy heavy knit(purchased overseas)
Dress: Floral mini (thrifted and shortened)
Tights: H&M gray cable knit
Boots: Dark Brown Ankle pixie boots(ebay)
Belt: UrbanOutfitters vintage inspired belt

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Last Bow for Isaac Mizrahi

As it has been rumored,I read on a fashion blog that Isaac Mizrahi for Target is leaving the discount giant. In his last collection he busted out the big guns. He created a line that is exquisite to what he has been doing with Target all these years.Everything is moderately priced(but a little pricey for the non-fashionista set)and is delicious in '50's inspired silhouettes.Only one word comes to mind when I see this and I quote Michael Kors in Project Runway, "theres just something so SWANEE' about it".

Of course, I would purchase everything and edit it. I would shorten the hem lines for all of these to make them modern and young. Theres a dress for every occasion, day, night and special event. I already have a dress by the designer for Target that has a similar silhouette that I purchased at a thrift store.I shortened it and now it looks like a black cupcake.Probably one of my favorite dresses purchased while thrifting.(I will post pictures of it soon)
On a side note: I can't help but think that because Target has been pulling out hot young designers to attract a cool, hip crowd, they have been taking Isaac for granted and in my opinion Isaac Mizrahi was like "honey, I'm Isaac Mizrahi I don't need this, I could be focusing on my couture, or my t.v. show, I'm leaving".If that is the case, I don't blame him. Because after all he was the one that started it all.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ebay Find 2.

I found this jumper on ebay and won it. I fell in love with it's adorable-ness.It has florals and it's a jumper that I've been wanting.What more can you ask for?
Can't wait till it gets here!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Market Paisley

(Click to enlarge)
I found this Tunic in a flea market abroad, 2 fall's ago. I love the full gathered sleeves and the tiny fall colored flowers. The belt is vintage I found lying around the house and the brown ankle pixie boots I got off ebay.

Another Slip, Another Event

I wore this to a freinds birthday party in her apt.
slip: Black Satin (f21)
Tights: Black sweater knit
Boots: Vintage Suede Pirate Boots
Bag: Red Chain Link
Belt:Woven Black Leather (H&M) from a couple of years ago.
Put on a Cream Grandpa sweater from f21 before I left.

Meet The Kills

This art rock duo is making waves across the globe not just for their great talent but also for their amazing Brit rock style. Now, we all know that in London the most savviest and fashionable roam the streets, well its nothing different for these two. Their infectious beats and ironic lyrics make the music hard to forget and get stuck in your head all day.What you'll see in this video is nothing short of their style. From the Warholian split screens to the dainty antique raggedy couch they sit on, it is absolute in cool. It also helps that the singer's voice and the sound is reminiscent in 90's alt rock band Garbage with Shirley Manson at the helms and the Velvet Underground's haunting beats.
Once again proving they are all things cool.

(this last one had me go listen to "Venus in Furs")

Friday, February 15, 2008

Country Romance

Craving Romantic Floral Country Maxi Dress

I have been craving for a while now a maxi floral country dress. I have visions of wearing this in the fall with a leather motorcycle jacket and some work boots. And in the spring/summer with a light cardigan and some gladiator flats or ballet flats. I remember seeing this dress either in topshop or at h&m with possibly a shorter version of it (i can't remember). I did not think twice of it at the time but now I am regretting the fact that I did not purchase it, because now I have looked high and low on the internet for this dress or something similar but there is nothing out there that resembles it. I have to find this dress. If anyone knows where I can find anything similar to this, please let me know. Otherwise I might have to make it myself, which wouldn't be so bad just soo time consuming!!!!

Style inspiration:

Monday, February 11, 2008

My new ankle boots came today!!!!

Dress: Vintage burgundy leaf/floral tea dress(thrift store,back in the fall)
tights: gray cable sweater knit
shoes: brown pixie ankle boots(ebay)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Never second guess, when thrifting!!!!

Back in October my freind and I spent the day thrifting and we went to this local thrift store, where i found this amazing, amazing vintage inspired 50's plaid rockabilly circle dress. I tried it on and the fit was great, however i decided not to get it, i wanted to think about it over lunch. You know fuel up, regroup, etc. So my friend and i went to lunch and i thought about it and i was coveting it the whole time, and i decided to go back for it an hour later. When i had gone back for it i couldn't find it anywhere so i asked one of the sales girls it's whereabouts and i then found it on the fitting room rack. It was delicately sitting there waiting for the girl who picked it up to try it on. Mind you, this girl had walked in about 10 minutes before me and was lunching at the same restaurant that me and my friend had gone to. So the sales girl advised that i could wait around for it and see if she takes it....sure enough, she took it.
Now your asking yourself, ok so what does that have to do with anything?
Well, as i was watching Full Frontal Fashion the other day i was watching the marc by marc show and i saw this dress
i couldn't help but think about that dress that i could have had in my possession so many months ago. I knew that dress was a dress that would bring me many a hazy nights.So much like the dress that marc jacobs created with the intention of just that.
So the lesson is.....don't pass up on an amazing find at the thrift store!!!!!

Jenni Kayne.....

Clunky shoes?....check
Olsen-y?....Double check!!!!
As does Jenni Kayne, her collection was well Jenni Kayne-y. It was all of the above and thats exactly what she does well. You've got to hand it, to a designer who can establish an aesthetic so early on in their career. Some designers take years to do that, and she has done that instantly. And how about those clunky yellow shoes? aren't they just heaven?
I say Brava, Jenni Kayne, Brava!!!!

Photo credit: Nylon

Saturday, February 9, 2008



(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)
Karen Walker's show was absolutely breath taking. She had the monochromatic and the pops of prints and color. How drool worthy are the belts? I'm especially loving the last two white numbers at the end. They are kind of reminiscent of Chloe's A/W '05 collection which is undoubtedly by far the best collection we've seen from Chloe.Also Isn't the one with the bow so Wendy meeting Peter Pan at her window sill in her nightgown? I just adore it!!!!
No doubt we will be seeing many downtown it girls wearing these looks come September.

Friday, February 8, 2008

1 Dress, 2 Ways......(and a post on my new shoes.)

Dress: Dotted Swiss baby doll dress
Vest: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Denim Vest
Socks: Black OTK socks (Target)
Shoes: Brown/plaid platform oxfords
Bag: D&B Burgundy Saddle Bag

Dress:White Dotted Swiss Babydoll dress
Vest: Black Tuxedo vest(H&M)
Tights: Black
Bag: Vintage Red quilt chain link bag
Shoes: Brown/plaid platform oxfords

A little prep never hurt anybody.....

Jacket: Vintage Gant boy's blazer purchased in august.
T-shirt:white (H&M)
Skirt:Madras mini(old navy) purchased two summers ago.
Belt:vintage light brown, my mother's closet.
Shoes: Chloe inspired gladiator flats(Forever21)
Bag: Vintage burgundy Dooney and Bourke saddle bag(ebay)

A little L.E.S. of me......

Sweater: Off white grandpa cardigan(forever21)
T-shirt: white (H&M)
Skirt:Black jersey bondage skirt(H&M)
Belt:Vintage Tan Suede Corset belt
Shoes: Mary Jane Wedges

Who said slips were just lingerie.......

Marc Jacobs sure didn't!!!!

Slip:black with cream lace trim(forever21)
Tights: black opaque tights
Shoes: Mary Jane Wedges
Sweater: Off white grandpa sweater
Belt: vintage inspired light brown skinny belt(urban outfitters)

Thursday, February 7, 2008


You know when you've been crushing on a guy for like, forever and you always hope he comes to talk to you and you always have that anticipation that this will be theconversation and then it just ends up being that all he wanted from you was to borrow a pen?
Well thats how i felt about Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love marc by marc but this season i was underwhelmed and let down. For the most part you expect it to be this grandiose experience and every single thing coming out is perfection. But this time it wasn't. Except for some cute cocktail dresses that i loved and the subtle play on the lace-ups and hardware boots that he did last season, the collection wasn't inspiring, nor was it inspired. It was just there.
I love you marc but what happened?

Sass and Bide....

If you've ever seen Alice in Wonderland you know that after she fell through the rabbit hole she fell through another dimension and attended a mad hatter party. Well, we have fallen through the rabbit hole and attended a mad hatter party and Sass and Bide are the hosts and they've added a touch of space to the mix.

photo credit:

Betsey Johnson.....

This time Betsey Johnson took the cake in literacy. Her theme was "Beat Chick" and that's exactly what she showed. From the round yellow tint glasses to the primp-y hair she got it down. And in Betsey Johnson fashion, she served up loads of prints that only she can do.

photo credit: