Sunday, February 10, 2008

Never second guess, when thrifting!!!!

Back in October my freind and I spent the day thrifting and we went to this local thrift store, where i found this amazing, amazing vintage inspired 50's plaid rockabilly circle dress. I tried it on and the fit was great, however i decided not to get it, i wanted to think about it over lunch. You know fuel up, regroup, etc. So my friend and i went to lunch and i thought about it and i was coveting it the whole time, and i decided to go back for it an hour later. When i had gone back for it i couldn't find it anywhere so i asked one of the sales girls it's whereabouts and i then found it on the fitting room rack. It was delicately sitting there waiting for the girl who picked it up to try it on. Mind you, this girl had walked in about 10 minutes before me and was lunching at the same restaurant that me and my friend had gone to. So the sales girl advised that i could wait around for it and see if she takes it....sure enough, she took it.
Now your asking yourself, ok so what does that have to do with anything?
Well, as i was watching Full Frontal Fashion the other day i was watching the marc by marc show and i saw this dress
i couldn't help but think about that dress that i could have had in my possession so many months ago. I knew that dress was a dress that would bring me many a hazy nights.So much like the dress that marc jacobs created with the intention of just that.
So the lesson is.....don't pass up on an amazing find at the thrift store!!!!!

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