Monday, February 4, 2008

Channeling Courtney Love.....

For some Sunday laziness I was feeling girly but grungy so I chose this concotion for some fun in some unseasonable warm weather:

Sweater: fluffy beaded cardigan from a couple of years ago that hasn't seen daylight in about that long.
Dress: white tank dress from Forever 21
Slip: Blush Pink slip from Forever 21
Tights: black opaque sweater knit tights
Boots: Navy blue schoolboy ankle boots
My friend and I discovered it was beautiful out so we decided to head outside to do some fun shopping and chilling and munching. I found these awesome oxfords. Although I was saving myself for my first pair of oxfords to be the Chloe Silverado platform oxfords from A/W '05, I just couldn't leave these little darlings in the store.

After my amazing purchase we went to get some food at Max Brenner.A famous chocolatier in NYC. We got a delicous cheese plate filled with expensive cheeses, fruit and bread with some cofee to wash that down and for dessert we got a delicous chocolate soufle with the most delectable chocolate you have ever tasted. I hope to have more days like today. It was a good way to prep me for the cluster f**k that is New York Fashion Week.
I love this crazy town!!!!


Ranna said...

Wow, that's one gorgeus pair of shoes!
What a great find. :)

Tali said...

thanx!!! they were on super sale at the store i got them at. i coulnd't say no. i love love love your flickr. you have impeccable style. i love your vintage threads!!!!