Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meet The Kills

This art rock duo is making waves across the globe not just for their great talent but also for their amazing Brit rock style. Now, we all know that in London the most savviest and fashionable roam the streets, well its nothing different for these two. Their infectious beats and ironic lyrics make the music hard to forget and get stuck in your head all day.What you'll see in this video is nothing short of their style. From the Warholian split screens to the dainty antique raggedy couch they sit on, it is absolute in cool. It also helps that the singer's voice and the sound is reminiscent in 90's alt rock band Garbage with Shirley Manson at the helms and the Velvet Underground's haunting beats.
Once again proving they are all things cool.

(this last one had me go listen to "Venus in Furs")

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