Saturday, February 21, 2009

So Fashion week has come and gone and I didn't so much as update a single post and I'm absolutely ashamed at myself. Although I have to say I have felt a bit somber about the whole thing being that its been quite the lackluster fashion week ever. The clothes, the parties, the presentations, all so somber.I didn't have time during the week to keep posts going and I could very well put all my favorite looks into one collage but thats like asking who is the better olsen twin. You just can't do that.
So I will as done in the past dissect each collection
I was most drawn to.

Now coming back to the last post I mentioned Charlotte Ronson's new collection to be quite different. Which would be an understatement. I have seen designers' departures from previous collections but this would have to be a catapult of change to what we are used to seeing coming from Charlotte Ronson. I love the dandy-ness of the plaid pants outfit and the faux fur lined "amelia aerheart" vest matched with a plaid dress. Which is a hint of the old Charlotte we've seen in the past but the rest of the collection, with all the heavy blacks and leathers, it like looking at a proenza schouler or balmain collection. I can understand the need to get an older target clientele but it took the Charlotte girl and made her a damn woman with sex appeal and a rendezvous in a seedy motel in the wee hours of the night with a seedy man.
They even managed to make the too cute to handle Anabelle-Dexter Jones a sexy leather skirt wearing woman with all cute-ness gone out the window.Theres parts to the collection I loved and theres some that left me feeling a bit damaged because the girl we looked to for sweet, adorable and girly has departed and left a woman of the night in her place. I just hope this isn't going to stick around for future campaigns. I want my charlotte back!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Neuvo Botas


What I've spent on shoes the past two months is a little bit ridiculous. I don't know what came over me but all of a sudden I had the desire to own every shoe known to man. Its kind of scary thinking about a possible addiction arising, but as with all addicts deny, deny, deny!!!! So I will. plus I've vowed to not purchase any more shoes till....March. HeHeHe.Okay so moving on... I was browsing Nine West when I found the Cuzzah boots seen all over Jenny Humphrey's little guerilla fashion show two months ago. They were ridiculously on sale so I had to purchase them but not after a bit of mulling it over. I started thinking about how they would look great with an all black outfit for a true New York look and possibly with my red plaid tights or cheetah print leggings. I had to buy them, so I did and they are seriously the most comfortable heels I own, and I can really vouch that, because although I would die to be one of those girls that can walk around in heels all day without a problem, I'm not. These are really my answer to that dilemma. I can walk from Herald Sq. to Canal Street without a problem(okay maybe some slight pain, but dude, thats like a mile and a half).
I also finally got the Charlotte Ronson Beatrice boots. I got them in Black as you can tell although seeing Tennessee Thomas in the brown ones makes me think I might have made the wrong decision.They look so adorable on her but then again she can make saddle shoes ultra cool so I can't really take her as an example.
I have really come to find a huge crush for Charlotte Ronson. I adore her campaign videos, her girly frocks, her super adorable step sister Annabelle Dexter-Jones and ever since getting the shoes, her shoe collection.
Which leads me to another post entirely on Fashion Week. But thats a horse of a different color, if you know what I mean.

Photo: contactmusic

Winter Whites


The coat I'm wearing is something that I've been looking for since last year. It was in forever21 when I wanted to get it but I didn't get it on the spot and as forever21 does, it didn't last. It sold out rather quick. Fast forward a year later, I'm at Buffalo Exchange selling clothes to clean out some of the stuff I haven't worn in a while(Ebay, with it's selling fees really does leave you feeling kind of broke)got me a pretty decent chunk of change to work with at the store. I was able to find this amazing flutter sleeve burgundy/cream buffalo plaid dress an amazing black (swimsuit material)double scoop neck tank rockabilly dress from H&m and this coat. I was so stoked to find this dress in pretty mint condition and for no money at all.That being said it was the highlight of my week.

Coat: Black military Babydoll Coat(Forever21,Buffalo Exchange)
Sweater: Black Cropped Cardigan(Value Depot)
Dress: White Babydoll Jersey Dress(forever21)
Slip: Heathered Cream Slip(Forever21)
Tights: Black Cable Knit Opaque Tights(Target)
Shoes: Vintage Camel Jodphurs(Russell Bromley, Ebay)
Hat: Pastel Pink Sweater Knit Beret(Urban Outfitters)
Glasses: Large Tortoise Wayfarers(Spring st.)
Bag: Vintage Navy Padlock Satchel(Gold Pfeil, Ebay)

Ebay Finds 13


I haven't done an Ebay Finds post in a really long time. I've definitely purchased ebay items since the last time I posted however they were not noteworthy or didn't last in the good ol' closet.I did want to add a pair of Russel Bromley camel jodphurs(ankle strap, ankle boots)in this post but the picture was already taken down from my Ebay buy section so I couldn't add them but they will show up on the next outfit post.
Bag: Vintage Gold Pfiel Navy Padlock Satchel.
Dress: White Eyelet Pepper dress(It was longer when it got to me, so I hemmed it). It also came with a white (softest)cotton slip.
Shoes: Vintage Light Brown/Tan Platform Colin Stuart Clog/Sandals.

I've noticed that there are more and more clog/sandal hybrids popping up. We saw them on the Luella A/W 08 runway, and we saw them again on Ruby Aldridge wearing a pair of Jeffrey Campbells in the Urban Outfitters Fall catalog and various other brands are also picking up on the trend. There's something about them that reminisce the 70's and the other part reminisces a Nordic feel to them as well. Maybe I've been heavily influenced by both too much to sway me with this trend. The light brown leather ones on the bottom are mine and I've worn them everywhere. They offset a color combo of black and white really well and they are quite adaptable to every outfit.They add just a hint of a retro feel to any outfit and just the right amount of girly-ness to a grungy outfit.

Photos: Urban outfitters,6pm,ebay,style

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I was so busy yesterday that I completely didn't realize that it was this blog's 1st anniversary. I started this blog 1 year ago yesterday and it seems like its only been a few months. It has grown so much over the last year and I only hope it keeps growing. I started the blog because I really needed an outlet to connect with others on things that were and still are going on in fashion. With the streetstyle fashion growing to an all time high I really wanted to have a place where I can share ideas and inspirations without any boundaries. I've really come to love blogging and sharing with the world the chaos that goes on in my brain.
I want to thank you, the readers of this here blog for your continuous visits and your lovely and amazing comments. You've inspired me and I hope I've inspired you as well.