Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I was so busy yesterday that I completely didn't realize that it was this blog's 1st anniversary. I started this blog 1 year ago yesterday and it seems like its only been a few months. It has grown so much over the last year and I only hope it keeps growing. I started the blog because I really needed an outlet to connect with others on things that were and still are going on in fashion. With the streetstyle fashion growing to an all time high I really wanted to have a place where I can share ideas and inspirations without any boundaries. I've really come to love blogging and sharing with the world the chaos that goes on in my brain.
I want to thank you, the readers of this here blog for your continuous visits and your lovely and amazing comments. You've inspired me and I hope I've inspired you as well.




Emily Anne said...

Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your blog. xoxo

Tali said...

thanks so much!!! that makes me so happy to hear!!!