Monday, February 4, 2008

New York Fashion Week Begins.......

It's only been two days and already midtown is a frenzy with photographers,celebrities, models, designers, photo bloggers,socialites, IT girls and of course the fashion.

Young designer Cat Holstein brought a sexy, cute, girl-y librarian look to the table. Her designs are nothing short of adorable. Everything is made Ready-to-Wear. I would probably wear every single piece in the collection.

My favorite is the yellow cardigan with the blue and black jacquard skirt with the peach T-shirt.

Newcomer Alexander Wang delivered a collection what looks to be influenced by his fashion counterpart/stylist/muse Erin Wasson. Monochromatic, androgynous, edgy, hard, soft and very wearable.

My favorite is the empire vest with the skirt/dress combination. (3rd one down from the top). You could easily wear the two together or combine them with everything in your closet. Although I'm not so sure about the exposed metallic zipper on the crotch of the pants. I think the collection on the whole was intended to be that way. Kind of like how the The Row is meant to be. Take that black skirt and make it into a tube top and add a leather skirt to it. Take that vest and put it over a dress, etc.
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Sally Jane said...

Argh! I've been so busy I haven't had a moment to check out any of the pics from NY. I'll have to look closer at the Cat Holstein collection. Looks cute!