Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fever

Spring Fever
Spring Fever - by Dainty Vintage on

This spring the trends are across the board. There's the edgy and rocker vibe going on.Then theres the 90's trend that is growing and expanding by the numbers.Then theres the 70's ethereal which will end up everywhere as well.
Must haves:
-Flirty floral dresses
-Slip Dresses
-Light/pastel anything
-An almost white denim jacket(preferably shrunken)
-Mom jeans(just take a look at swedish streetstyle.)
-Ever pervasive high waisted shorts
-Floaty skirts
-A cropped bustier(or a cropped t-shirt that's snug)
-Creepers(you will want a pair, by springs end)
-Of course ankle boots
-disco worthy platforms(preferably in woodsy colors)
-round sunglasses(you can't deny their infectiousness)
-a straw boater


Emily Anne said...

Great picks!! Peeerrfecct for spring. I love the sunglasses and the dress the best!


Tali said...

Thanks soo much!!!I am super stoked about spring,my favorite season, can you tell?

Je ne sais quoi said...

Great clothes!! i really love floral dresses and skirts..nude will also be a trend for S/S O9

laura mariko said...

I just found your blog and it looks great! My name is Laura and I'm studying in Paris. Your pics are totally right, especially the boater hat. I wish Parisians were wearing Spring trends already, but everyone's still wearing black with boots. Your site is so cute! I'll be reading :)

Tali said...

je ne sais quoi: your totally right.Nude is also a huge trend for Spring. Hello Stella McCartney anyone??? lol
Laura Mariko: Thanks soo much for stopping by and your amazing compliments!!! Your blog is super adorable too!!!