Monday, March 10, 2008

1 Vest, 4 Ways

4.I found an off white Faux Fur Vest at Forever21. It was a key piece to add to my "humble" closet. But really, Shouldn't every girl have a fur vest? I don't believe in real fur because of its immoral purposes but I do believe in Faux Fur. And I found this one on sale and knew that it would make a perfect addition to my wardrobe.
1.The key item, an off white Faux Fur Vest (F21) is paired with a black bondage tank dress(H&M) Black opaque tights and platform oxfords(zinc) and a red chainlink bag.
I love the back of this dress, I had to post it!!!
2. In this outfit the Faux Fur Vest is paired with a simple sheer t-shirt(H&M), skinny jeans, Platform Oxfords and a red quilted chain link bag.
3. The Faux Fur Vest is paired with a paisley tunic(Zara, from so long ago it might as well be vintage), Vintage High Waisted Shorts, Black tights, Platform Oxfords
4. This outfit was actually inspired by a Sienna Miller outfit from a couple of years ago. Now I know I said that there wouldn't be any imitation of celeb style here, but this look has always caught my eye for its bohemian attitude. What can I say, I am a sucker for some Bohemia.
Vest, White L/S T-shirt(H&M), Low Slung Full Skirt(survival, very old), Black tights, Vintage Black Riding Boots(Ebay), Ray Bans(Gift from my b/f), Balenciaga bag(two Summers ago)

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JuliAM said...

love the vest, i've been looking for something similar...and by the looks of the fall 08 shows, it'll still look fantastic all next season