Thursday, March 6, 2008

They Had Me Seeing Stars

I was readingfashionista when to my shock and horror I was being informed of the future of prints and it's looking bleak for my florals. There have been other media outposts relaying this message, indicating that this trend has already begun.With the new Topshop stars dress in fashionista, the girls featured in PainfullyHip,via thecobrasnake, an editorial w/ Sasha P. looking quite sickly rolling around in the sand w/ stars, this from nylon;
and I think, not 100% sure about this, an Olsen sighting w/ aforementioned print.
Now this is not something I am completely signing off altogether, b/c that girl with the YSL star earings looks so damn cute, in her best Penny Lane outfit, but I am a floral girl through and through and I am really not ready to let that go just yet. Fashionista is reporting that stars are taking over florals because apparently florals have been out for quite some time.But in a general sense I honestly think it's hitting the population just now. I remember last summer when everyone, who doesn't own a Kate Moss for Topshop Liberty print dress, was channeling monochrome a'la Olsens/Jenni Kayne, and I was wearing my vintage floral frocks. Yes, ofcourse florals are specific for the Spring/ Summer so even if people are wearing their florals, its not because balenciaga sent it down the runway for the s/s '08 collection but b/c its been like that since, I don't know forever, but despite that knowledge, b/c I am fashion junkie, is this it for my beloved tea dress, Liberty print, 90's, florals?
Update: I had forgotten that I stored this photo for this post in my folder. And itit turns out I was right about an Olsen sighting with the print.

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