Saturday, October 3, 2009

Alexander Wang


What hasn't been said about the downtown darling that I could possibly say. An ingenious collection right? A fascinating take on Varsity Inspiration? Whatever the comments he definitely has people's attention.I found the collection appealing but a bit of a departure for our young ingenue.If we look back at his collections we see a dark edgy mono-tonal collection with the exception of a few spurts of colors here and there.The varsity inspiration is somewhat strange when attached to his name don't you think? It's like the anti wang wang girl. Does that make sense? I mean before the wang girl was clad in leather and chains and all that but now she's the angel dressed in white? Its funny and its ironic and I suppose that's what the designer wanted. To keep us on our toes because how else is a downtown darling supposed to stay on top?

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