Saturday, October 31, 2009


A few posts back I posted about having bought 3 different printed dresses. This dress would be the second one. It has a great silhouette and the print is a bit strange(a bunch of filled in and not filled in cubes).I wasn't sure how it would transition to a fall wardrobe but I paired it with dark tights and I think that it looks great. It is a bit light for Fall but I love how light dresses that are meant for summer look when worn with layers.
The leather jacket was purchased some time in September and was seriously one of the best buys I've made. It was exactly what I was looking for in a leather jack. Cropped sleeves, shrunken fit and cheap. Although it is faux, it really does it justice since it doesn't look or feel like it is.
The bag was actually one of those random buys that after purchase you were like "How did that happen?" I was walking out of Mudspot with my friend Danielle after lunch and I immedietly spotted something in the lower corner of my eyes and darted right for this bright multi-colored trunk bag with this string attached to it. It was sitting alongside bohemian knick knacks and indian inspired accessories.I pick it up and ask the lady who ows the shop right next door to Mudspot how much it was and she responds, to my astonishment, "$4.00". I turn to Danielle and she could tell of my excitement she says to me"Definitely get it" I couldn't care less that the thing looked like it belonged to a 70's stripper, something that I've been looking for and it costs $4.00 and I found it at a Manhattan boutique, that alone was worth owning.
I brought it home and painted it all balck which was no easy feat,because it had wavy multi colored stripes and panels.I added a velvet ribbon with an adjustable ring for the strap and viola!!! My very own, DIYed trunk bag.

Jacket:Faux Black Leather Shrunken Motorcylce Jacket (Charlotte Russe)
Sweater:Dark Gray Wool Shrunken Sweater(H&M)
Dress:Vintage Button Front Light Blue Printed Dress(thrifted)
Tights:Black Opaque 100 denier(H&M)
Shoes:Black Gladiator Ballet Flat(forever21)
Bag:Black DIY Trunk Bag(Boutique in E.V.)
Sunglasses:Vintage Clubmasters(flea market)
Belt:Black studded Belt(Forever21)


Lemondrop Marie said...

Love that whole look- motorcycle jackets with florals are the best!

Tali said...

thanks so much. I know its my favorite all time look. best of both worlds!!!

Talisa said...

I love your outfit,the bag is especially beautiful:)

MaeGal said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog. I adore your style! :)


TIFFANY said...

heart your outfit!
just clicked next blog button and found this blog...