Monday, October 26, 2009

Editor's Note

Something that you guys should know about my absence as of late. For the last year since graduating from F.I.T. I was freelancing and doing a bunch of different projects and in general had more time than I was used to. Starting this blog was not only an outlet for creativity and anything fashion related but also one of my projects that I took on. I didn't quite fully divulge all my life's details just because I do believe in keeping some things to myself, and I guess doesn't leave me feeling so exposed as it can in the "blogosphere".Recently I've found something that has been taking up a lot of my time. A full time job. That being said its quite obvious where my time is being channeled. I am so grateful that I have readers and followers, who keep coming back to check up on this here blog and really give me incentive on updating more often than I do. I dedicate this post to you for being so awesome!!!

Post Script: There were many looks from this season's fashion weeks that I would just love to add but it was getting to be a little strenuous and tedious and I'm sure at this point any sort of media has covered it all.

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