Friday, May 29, 2009

Travelling Essentials

I will be leaving the country to go on vacation abroad tomorrow night for the next two weeks. Deciding what to wear on the plane is probably just as tough as figuring out what to pack. I put together a little polyvore compilation of essentials when traveling on a long flight(about 10 hours).You have to make sure that what you wear for most of the flight is comfortable enough to last you through the duration. I chose a palette of mostly black because that ensures you that if you do get stained it won't show as much as let's say a white T-shirt. I think a cozy sweater over a sweatshirt is more feminine and less sloppy.I picked ankle boots, because they look great with anything and again more put together than sneakers.For flights that are longer than 7 hours, its better to consider bringing a change of clothing because when you get off that airplane and re-connect with the world again, you don't want to feel like you've just been through a rough night(which you were but at least you don't want to look like it). Also a hat is great to keep your hair from getting that flatness that it gets from recirculated air.Water and lotion are essential for keeping hydrated on such a long flight.Entertainment is always necessary, I chose an ipod and a book because how can you go wrong with music to keep you relaxed and the book is actually the book that I bought that I will be reading. Its Dear Diary by Leslie Arfin. I've been curious about it since it came out, finally going to read it.
Anyways I'll be back in two weeks. Hopefully you all will be enjoying the beginnings of summer as well, with many trips and festivals and barbeques!!!
Cheers everyone!!!!

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JustALittleBird said...

Very helpful! Thanks so much...I live in Germany right now and everytime I go back to the US I have to try to find a new cute and comfortable outfit for the long flight...Sooo difficult! thanks for the thoughts!