Friday, May 29, 2009

And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you, Just what you want me to


Remember those trunk bags that were around in the 90's? They even had a strap that latched on. I used to own two. One was leather and had caricature daisies printed on it.(You know, the daisies that their core had a smiley face?) and the other was a gunmetal one. Now that i think back, it was pretty bad ass!!!I'm really on the hunt for one and can't seem to find them. I found one a while ago on ebay, but ended up selling for way more than I cared to shell for this piece of nostalgic accessory.
I found the bag I'm carrying a looong time ago at Beacon's Closet and although it's more 50's than 90's it still has that lunchbox effect.I love how angular it is and how it juxtaposes against something so casual.
I actually put a photo of one of the listings in my inspiration folder.This is the one I just couldn't win.

I went out for a friend's birthday in the Lower East Side. First to Local 138, which is your quintessential starting point and then to mason dixon's for a rowdy good time.

Jacket: Vintage bleached Denim Jacket(Thrifted)
Dress: Vintage Floral Scoop Neck Dress w/ Suspender Back(thrifted)
tights:Black Opaque (H&M)
Shoes: Black Suede Lace Up Booties(Charlotte Ronson)
Bag: Vintage 50's Leather Purse(Beacon's Closet)
Hat: Light Pink Fuzzy Beret(Urban Outfitters

(this is the only video I could find that the quality was good and didn't have embedding restrictions)

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