Thursday, May 28, 2009

Into the Trees


As you can see we here, in New York, haven't been getting much of a spring/summer. Its been pretty wretched, actually. Right after I finished taking these photos, it started raining.I had to bring out my black tights again and all my rain gear because its been raining non-stop.My boyfriend was like "not those again?". At this point he's sick of seeing me in black tights, because that's really all I wear. I just wish it wasn't so extreme here. Right before it was really crappy out, it was so beautiful. It was high 70's and breezy and just perfect. I wish it could be like that 9/12 months, instead of the other way around. Once it's June, that's it, Hell finds it's nest here on earth and brings Mr. Humidity along with it.
Well aside from the rant on the weather, I had to run some errands and wanted to wear my skirt that i just recently hemmed.

Jacket:Vintage Navy Blue Schoolboy BLazer(Ebay)
T-shirt: White Scoop Neck Relaxed T(Forever21)
Skirt:Vintage Light Blue Denim Circle Skirt(Thrifted)
Tights: Blak Opaque Tights(H&M)
Shoes: Black Loafers(Urban oufitters)
Bag:Vintage Tan Breifcase(Ebay)
Belt:Vintage Black Belt(Thrifted)

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