Saturday, April 19, 2008

Confessions about a Fast Fashion Chain

I recently made an order from none other than the Fast Fashion Mecca itself Forever21.
I normally wouldn't result to waisting money on shipping(which could easily get me an accessory or 2 pairs of underwear at the aforementioned venue)however I couldn't resist passing on a qaint, dainty, little number such as this.Which is so aptly named as "Chloe".They had just brought these into the store but I was not fast enough as they didn't have the size I needed (a small).

I was forced to go the internet route to make this little purchase, but all was not lost because even though this is a bit late for this purchase, I've been eying this fedora for quite some time.
They weren't carrying this in the store anymore because of it's intended season, and they were most likely sold out too. So I made the order; shipping charges and all. I was soo excited for my new items. Although the nightie is made for bed I will treat it as it rightfully should be treated, a dress. It's so lovely for a spring/ summer day outing.
I couldn't wait to get my package so I could wear it. Finally about a week later and alot of anticipation I received the package.It was a plastic envelope with bubbling on the inside. I looked at this and all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. "Where's the hat?" How can they send just the nightie?" "I know I ordered the hat!" "If the hat is in there, where the hell would it fit?" So I finally opened it, and to my sock and horror, the hat was in there alright, folded, twisted and entwined with the nightie.The nightie while wrapped with the hat had received lint from the hat.So now I have black lint on my white dress.Not only that but my hat now has indentations in improper places. I was so annoyed.I figured I'm paying for these items I would assume I would get proper packaging.I mean is it so hard to put it in a box? It was no different if I would have gone to the store.I've gotten better packaging through Ebay vendors than what I received from Forever.
I am not one to rant on and on but my unpleasant experience has annoyed me to no end and I guess I just needed an outlet.
I hope your internet shopping experiences are better than mine.


Wendy said...

Forever 21 does a really sloppy job but I always find myself reverting back to the cheap variety they sell. Maybe you could return the items or exchange them?

Tali said...

yea, its like your favorite ice cream. you love the taste but you know its bad for you yet you still keep going back for it. you can't help it. the damages were thankfully not permanent and will hopefully wear in when I wear it more often and returning/exchanging would take too long. i think i'm gonna take chance.
thanks wendy for your concerns.