Monday, April 21, 2008

Un"like"ly Heroes


Meet Charlotte, Tennesee and Z(Berg). 3 parts of the band The Like.They are merely in their early 20's and already have the savvy and wisdom well beyond their years. They are the understated cool girls. And their style is to die for. Charlotte the Brunette with a pension for really short shorts, most likely, single handedly brought the high waist shorts back. From her ice cold stare to her puffy cheeks she is the girl that didn't let you play with her dolls.
Tennessee is a girl with a love for doll's dresses. If she was able to enlarge her doll's dresses that is what it would look like. They are vintage short and snug on top. From her blunt cut bangs to her girl-ish charm she is "Alice in Wonderland". Which brings us to Z . A true cali girl with blonde locks, but those piercing eyes make her anything but. A femme fatale quality to her style and look, which consists of a mix between girly and grungy. She could be wearing a long t-shirt leopard tights and lace -up ankle boots and still look chicer than an Olsen.
These girls have a uniqueness all their own and they are most times overlooked and it seems that they might even like it that way. With a sixties vibe all around and the innocence that they portray its hard to not love them.

Photo credit: The Fashiospot

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