Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fall08 Roundup

I've been collecting things to put in my Fall 08 folder since probably late June/early July. I've gathered so much that my folders about to pop. Most of these things are and will get to my closet. Some on the other hand will never. Like the badass topshop ankle boots(then again they are opening a store here so never say never). Theres way more in the folder that didn't make it to the collage due to spacing but will eventually be debuted on the blog. Like this floaty lavendar/pale pink dress that reminds me so much of a prom dress from either the 50's or the 70's I can't quite tell. Theres this party that I'm going to this week. It's called American Bandstand and its 50's themed. so think Marty from Back to the Future playing the guitar at the prom type stuff. I was thinking of wearing the dress to that.(which i will document its debut).
Things that will be in the closet come Fall.
-floaty sheathy dresses/tunic/undergarments
-prep wear
-badass ankle boots
-lots of slouchy cardigans/cropped cardigans
-leopard leggings(yes i know, very daring)
-studded belt
-OTK socks
-sandals(with socks)/wedges
-shrunken leather(jacket)
-schoolboy briefcase(aka postman briefcase)
-slouchy berets/beanies/ bowler hats


Wendy said...

Nice stuff! I need to get a studded corset.

Tali said...

thanks!!! everything this season has just been so appealing. I'm definitely not ready for fall weather though.Studded corset? do you mean belt? because a studded corset is too fierce!!!