Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello Again!!!

After what seemed to be a really short vacation(i feel like it wasn't two weeks at all)I'm back into the swing of the things, and glad to be back to blogging. Internet was scarce where i was staying so i had to make do with a bit of web access here and there.Anyway it was great to get out of the city for a while and just rejuvenate.
while I was gone I received two packages that I was super excited about getting. Remember how I was on a bend for Victorian White Lace dresses? Well I finally found one that fits and is absolutely adorable.
Also I've been searching for the perfect briefcase(because the on i have is just too small).Ever since Alexa Chung was photographed with hers during Fashion Week I've been even more on the hunt for it because I knew that there weren't going to be any available because everyone is going to be grabbing them up. So I found this one which is was one of very very few that the gussets actually fastened(many just fastened with clips and snaps).I hoped to have gotten a strap to go with it too but i guess i could always use the strap from the old one.
Both items were a lot more than i had actually intended on spending but i figured that these were very limited pieces and there's not that many out there yet.

4 comments: said...

they areboth beautiful.
i bet that dress will be something you cherish! it looks great!

Violet Folklore ~Haunted Threads~ said...

Dude, we just scored (and quickly sold) a Gunne Sax wedding dress! Talk about White Lace Victorian. So beautiful.
(If you want to see it follow the Flickr link in our profile).
Nice finds!

Tali said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments and for coming by to check out my blog.
violet folklore-haunted threads: i did check it out and it is breathtakingly gorgeous. you found and sold a wonderful find.

Rose said...

Loving that briefcase. Mine needs an updated. It's vintage but about break now.