Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've got my eye on you


I saw these on the Office website back in the fall and was unsure of whether to get them. (I'm not one for the UK shipping fees). When one day they had vanished in the size 8 that I was ogling for over a month. The pang of regret immediately came a-rushing.I started doing searches all over the web to find them or something that was anything similar but alas, nothing. Well the retail gds have answered my prayers and lo and behold one day as I kept going back to the Office website I finally saw they had restocked these awesome boots.I quickly reached for my wallet and made the purchase with shipping fees and all. After a short while of waiting for them to arrive and no sign of any shipping information I e-mailed them inquiring about any sort of information and I got a response saying that I would get them in about a month? A month??? Can you imagine my astonishment? Well I figured that's what you get for ordering something from the UK. Then on one fine(rainy)Saturday I heard my bell ring and there he was the man I was waiting for with a package delivered from across the pond.And it wasn't even a month that had gone by. I was soo happy I wore them out that night.
P.S. I'm not sure if this was intentional on Office's part but these totally resemble the YSL ankle boots seen on(who else but) MK.


American Phil said...

i love the olsens. haha. love the blog too! a lot of really cool stuff! check mine out and follow it if you get time

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