Saturday, March 20, 2010

Maximum Coverage


Lately I have been on a Maxi Binge. I didn't fully commit to this trend but I have a few pieces that are awaiting their exposure from the old closet.Maxi dresses/skirts are not new to fashion trends because they've been on the radar for quite some time now but this modest look has a new face. Less bohemian, more minimalist.I've never really approached the maxi because any time I've come across something it's always been the same thing. Cut at the empire, flares out exaggeratedly.It was a look that didn't suit well for me.I would always look for something that was cut at the small of the waist or something straight so I could belt it to create a silhouette that would work for my frame but was always unsuccessful. Until last year. I found this amazing sheer gauzy maxi in a paisley print at forever21.It was perfect because it was straight and allowed me to play with the silhouette.However this year the more body conscience the better. It's due to the fact that Sweden is THE place to get your source of inspiration and lately Swedes have been pulling out the goth goddess look. Its a formula that works so amazingly well. It's all about getting the right silhouette. Whether it's vintage, a stripe version or plain old jersey scoop neck one thing if for sure the maxi is not going anywhere.
Photo credit: The facehunter, asos. forever21,


MissKellie said...

I think maxi dresses look great on other girls, but sadly, they look silly on me. :/ I'm much too short to make this look work! It's a shame, since there are so many cute maxis in stores now!

Tali said...

You're right. I didn't realize it wouldn't relate to every body type.However there could be a great alternative in the thrift stores. If you get a maxi or just about ankle grazing with a bit of flare then it could look great.Like that dress on the third girl in the collage.

cottasofia said...

Wow!! it's really looks nice. And really fashionable.

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