Thursday, May 20, 2010


So as of late my camera's battery decided to completely give up on me. It's dead and there's no reviving it. It really puts a damper on my listing things to sell in addition to outfit posts. I can't really blame this problem on my absence since March(?). That's another story but I've decided to dig into my archived outfits that I never got around to posting. They're all pretty much from the winter. It is a little bit of a downer because all anyone seems to be thinking about(including myself) is Spring but they are outfit posts nonetheless.




Top:Ivory Lace Bodysuit(Strawberry's)
Skirt:Black Denim Circle Skirt(H&M)
Tights:Black Opaque(H&M)
Shoes:Black Suede Ankle Wedge Boots(Office)
Bag:Vintage Quilt Chainlink purse(Thrifted)
Hairclip:Velvet Bow(Ann Belen)


Eva said...

Yay for updates! Just want to check if the shoes from the previous post have been sold? I am still very interested in the Alexa Chung inspired pair. :) Please let me know if you would ship them to New Zealand, Thanks! :)

Eve's Eden

daisymay said...

Lovely lace top

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

MariƱa " La Marquesa" said...

like your style!!!!! black white red!!!! what else?

Anonymous said...

♥Love your blog♥

cottasofia said...

I love this dress i found it in one of the very few good cheap thrift stores there are in this city it was kind of hanging there looking really sad and i overlooked it at first glance but then I.
Murano Glass

iamyoursforever said...

nice blog xx :))

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