Saturday, September 12, 2009

White Out


So I've been quite the neglectful blogger lately huh? I feel like I should apologize for being so sporadic with posts lately. Its just that I've been dealing with a bout of "lazy". I don't know what it is. Sometimes I get very inspired and post stuff everyday and other times I just fall into a hole and don't feel like doing it.There's no reason for it except my own faults.Many bloggers have stated this exact same thing saying that sometimes they feel like this is a full- time job and they don't want to feel like that because they started doing this for fun and it shouldn't feel like a chore. Although I don't agree with this completely I do however feel strained sometimes.

Well, moving on this was taken about a month ago(where we last left off). I went to meet up with a friend who comes and goes in my life but I love her dearly. Our lives are on separate tracks but sometimes we try to make them intertwine.
We went out to some bars in Williamsburg to catch up.

Dress:White Beaded/Crochet Neck Chiffon Babydoll Dress(Forever21)
Socks: Scalloped Edge Ankle Socks (H&M)
Shoes:Black Lace-Up Ankle Boots (Nine West)
Bag:Vintage Black Quilt Chainlink Bag(thrifted)


Lemondrop Marie said...

Lovely white dress, and the ladylike purse goes so well! Happy Sat.

Tali said...

Thanks soo much!!!