Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I've really been trying very hard not to do this now but it's consumed me. Fall has taken me into it's embrace and won't let me go.Many bloggers have been posting their wishlists, inspiration boards and fall purchases and I have done so as well. I didn't want to do this so early on in August but the truth is this time of year, every year I get the same way, wishing fall's arrival. However I really don't want to let summer go, just yet. It seems to have just so much as stayed for five minutes and made his departure before we could even hang out. It means that winter with all its might will be just around the corner.And I am so not ready for that.
Anyway looking at the general mood of this inspiration board, I realized that subconsciously I put together a board that has a main theme. Which would be delicate florals and dresses and heavy knits. I guess I have been gravitating a lot to a more feminine and ethereal look. I'm not sure why?
For fall I'm really into beige and gray knits, light florals,peter pan collars, pussybow ties,70's and edwardian dresses and a huge need for pink chiffon(especially after the death of my pastel lavender dress). Also a generous offer from my boyfriend sent me on a massive hunt for chloe silverado shoes. I have come to terms with the fact that they will never make it to me,until the aforementioned hunt.Now I want them more than ever!!! If anyone knows anywhere/anybody selling the brown Chloe Silverado shoes from A/W 2006 in a size 7.5 or 8 US please let me know. It would make me a really really happy girl.
Editor's note: I checked Ebay....a lot!!!!


moraki said...

oh im also waiting for fall`s arrivall... i love the colours of the trees and that the weather isnt so hot anymore!! and i am excited for the new fashion collections :D

Tali said...

me too!!! I love fall foliage!!! probably the best part of fall. lol

Talisa said...

i love autum !!! thanks for your comment!! great inspiration!

lisa + cathy said...

theres some nice outfits in your inspiration, white tights are pretty cute to wear. i dont like winter either
summer is mine for while, sorry :D

Misha said...

It's so weird seiing all of you living on the other side of the glove getting the autumn blues. I'm still waiting for my summer to begin!

But looking at this I realize I really need to get myself a green/tartan coat. Hell yea!

Tali said...

thanks so much!!! theres always that feeling of the grass is greener. Totally want to be autralia right now. Enjoy the beginnings of Summer, Misha!!!

SUGAR said...

aaw autumn is my faaaaaaaaaavourite fashion season; you dont have to bundle yourself up in five layers to keep from dying and youre not limited to a bikini top and hotpants so you dont melt.

im digging the whole floral dress with beat up jacket look, and im a sucker for an inspiration board ;)