Monday, December 22, 2008


I purchased a pair of ankle boots that were a bit on the boring side but when I tried them on I had put the ankle strap of my riding boots on them and they brought the boots to an edgier level. When I got home with them I figured it would be kind of stupid if i had to keep changing the strap every time I wanted to wear them. I needed to get them their own strap. So hence came the idea of studding the strap.
What you will need:
A pair of old or new boots that need revamping.
A pair of scissors that can cut through thick leather.
A hammer
A screwdriver(or hole machine, if you have one) to make the holes on the strap
2 buckles(make sure they fit the width of the strap.
About 40 studs (I mixed pyramid and round studs, but you can do it all the same)
About 2 yards of leather strap( you can choose how wide you would like it to be)
A sewing machine or glue
And if you're working on the floor which I would suggest then a board strong enough to take a bit of hammering.

Step 1: Cut the strap the length you want.
Step 2:Slide the buckle through the strap. Leave some room for the fold back. (You will need to secure the buckle later on)
Step 3: Start adding the studs. Seperate them in equal distribution. It doesn't have to be exact just proportionate. Hammer them to make sure they are secure.
Step 4: Leave room at the end for the holes. make 3 holes for the buckle to fasten.
Step 5: Make a hole for the buckle's tooth to go in through.
Step 6: Take the fold back(or excess by the buckle) and fold it back to sew or glue on.(I don't recommend gluing it because it might break loose)
Step 7: Fasten the strap around your shoes.
Repeat steps for opposite shoe.
Your shoes now have more personality.


WendyB said...

I had these boots in the '80s! :-)
Nice job.

FashionSqueah! said...

Ooooh nice! I thought the boots were nice to begin with but they're really special with the strap!

shea said...

super creative!

Tali said...

Thanks you guys for the amazing compliments.
WendyB:hahaha thats so funny, that's what i intended them to look like.

Udo said...

I love the outcome! Great job