Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Last week my boyfriend and I attended a friend's holiday party at her place. I felt like being girly and wanted to wear this dress(which was waiting for the perfect occasion to be worn). I love this dress even though it's really meant to be a slip for bed(but really forever21? is this really meant for bed?) I mean doesn't it make just the most adorable dress?
and also purchased this little guy a while ago.
Sweater: Cream 3/4 slv cropped sweater(Forever21)
Dress: Navy Lace trim Slip Babydoll dress(Forever21)
Tights: Black Opaque(H&M)
Shoes: Black Platform Mary Janes(Chloe)
BoW Clip:Black Velvet(Belen)

2 comments: said...

awh i think it looks lovely, too nice to be worn to bed!

Tali said...

haha i know right?!?! thanks so much!!!