Sunday, January 18, 2009


A winter staple...
Although i technically did post this dress in April, it was a cold start to spring i suppose. Regardless; this has been a winter staple. I love this dress and I love crushed velvet and more so floral crushed velvet.I wore this to a friend's party.
Dress: Vintage Autumn Floral Crushed Velvet skater dress(ebay)
Tights: Black opaque(H&M)
Shoes: Black Ankle lace ups boots(Shoes for Lovely People, DavidZ)
Bag: Vintage Cream Quilt bag(Thrifted)
Bow: Black Velvet Bow(Ann Belen)
Necklace: Gothic Rosary Necklace(forever21)


Sam said...

That dress is absolutely freaking gorgeous! So sad it's vintage! I would love to have it. It looks stunning on you!

Tali said...

thank you so much!!! so true!! I know I've been there.

Erin Dale said...

I love dark winter florals! And you have the perfect coloring to pull it off. :)

Tali said...

thanks soo much erin!!!