Thursday, July 16, 2009

Acquired on my Travels

Some items that I found while I was on vacation.
I'm usually pretty complacent when it comes to shopping for clothes with the places that I go to in New York, so that is why I have such a small bundle of purchases.
(going from left to right)
White High Neck Long Sleeve Nightgown Dress
Straw Gardener's Hat-It has a long brim in the front and a shorter one in the back.
Light Brown Breifcase(sooo similar to the Mulberry version, that Alexa has been seen wearing)
Vintage Tortoiseshell Clubmasters
(all the items were found in flea markets)


MissKellie said...

Oooh, lovely! :) The briefcase is my favorite.

Tali said...

thanks soo much. Yea me too, it was my favorite find out of all of them.