Sunday, July 19, 2009



It's always a little weird to see someone else wearing a very very similar(and by similar, I mean exact)vintage piece that you own.When you purchase vintage you know that the chances of someone else owning an exact replica of that dress, skirt, blouse etc. is very minimal.You can imagine my disbelief when I saw these Cobrasnake photos. I immediately started giggling. In no way am I annoyed or upset about this. It's just really funny. I totally get that rampage didn't make only 1 of this dress in the 90's so naturally more than one are gonna surface. It happens, just rarely.


Lemondrop Marie said...

I can't believe that! I always expect that I will be the only one wearing my vintage dresses too!
I'll keep my eyes out from now on.

Tali said...

Haha yeah it's happened to me like once or twice before.Be on the lookout but hopefully your finds will be the only ones around. lol