Saturday, July 18, 2009

White Party


Last fourth of July I went camping with a bunch of friends, this summer we were here and opted for a low key day. It's funny though because every time a big holiday weekend(fourth of july, labor day, memorial day)comes around, I always feel like you have to go away to truly feel like its a holiday weekend. Last year when we were gone, it didn't feel like it was the fourth at all(obviously no fireworks because we don't want to start any forest fires, right smokey)and being home this year, makes it feel right. I guess when it comes down to it, its all about where your used to being that makes it the holiday weekend.
On the fourth, I went to my boyfriends parent's house to have some bbq and to sit by the pool and get tipsy on wine. It was a great and awesome way to spend the day.
At night my boyfriend, myself and some friends went to the west village and wound up at sway. Weird dj(he kept putting music together that didnt really mesh well), but super fun!!! At one point we were walking to Sway and I didn't realize I where I was walking and I walked into a pothole, making me twist my leg. My leg was fine my sandal, not so much. One of the straps that wrap the toe area broke.Luckily we weren't far from a bodega and I could still walk in the sandal.I bought Super Glue and glued back together. I was still able to dance all night,totally saved my night!!!

Jacket:Vintage Dark Wash Denim Jacket(thrifted)
Dress:White Flutter Sleeve Tank Babydoll Dress(forever21)
Slip:Vintage Slip from another dress(ebay)
Socks:Over The Knee Black Opaque (Target)
Sandals:Black Pin-Up Wedge Suede Sandals(Local Boutique)
Bag:Vintage Chain link quilt bag(thrifted)

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