Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Countdown Continues

Today I went to get some sewing supplies and a bit of strolling around.It was a gorgeous day.
You haven't seen this dress in quite a while, huh?
As I was strolling around I happened to check out the window to this shoe store I never really look in.Something caught my eye and I went in. I found this pair of ankle lace up high heel boots that I'm actually in love with. It was love at first sight and I will go back to get these.They kind of reminded me of the marc jacobs but these i like a lot better. They don't have the multi colors that the m.j. pair have and they are lower and closer to the ankle.They were everything I want in a pair of ankle boots for this fall....well....actually they would be a lot better if they came with a platform, but I'll take these anyway.
Top: White Crew neck Rolled sleeve T-shirt
Dress: Vintage Blue Ditsy floral jumper pinafore dress(Ebay)
Shoes: Black Mocassins (urban outfitters)
Bag: Vintage Cream Quilt bag(Thrifted)


The Paper Doll said...

Love that dress - too cute!

Mimi said...

The outfit is all in all awesome and the shoes you posted even more.

Tali said...

Thanks soo much for the wonderful compliments!!! The paperdoll- I'm so jealous!!! its spring by you. I love spring!!!I also love fall but I'm dreading the winter.