Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday Night, August 24th

My friend had asked me to come with her to her freind's birthday party. It was this posh party at the Rivington Hotel Lounge. So we went to the famed Max Fisch for cheap drinks and headed to the hotel for some socializing.Then went to the creperie across the street and got the best crepes in town.Banana Nutella Crepe mmmmmmm!!!!!!
Jacket: Black Tuxedo jacket(Forever21)
Tunic: Braided Neck White Tunic(Forever21)
Leggings:Black Leggings(Forever21)
Belt: Black pyramid studded skinny belt(Target)
Shoes: Black Suede Pin up sandals(Sugar, Boutique)
Bag: Vintage Red Quilt bag(Ebay)

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