Monday, September 15, 2008

Marc Jacobs V.S. Marc Jacobs

Over the past couple of years Marc Jacobs has sent garments down the runway, that didn't have a wow factor(at least not a positive one)and that was kind of a blow just because every one always waits to see what kind of collection the father of luxurious grunge can come up with. Maybe its due to a reflection of his personal life and the slump he was in a little while back or maybe not but whatever it is that has him in a good mood, it shows because these two collections are quite statement making. The higher end of the two is a bit more dramatic, more shall I say it...Costume-y but amazing none the less. It is pretty apparent that his inspiration had to have been Mary Poppins because I can't see anyone else wearing this but the lady herself. From the Boater hats to the high waisted maxi skirts with high neck victorian flannel shirts. To me it seems straight off the 19th century set.One remark I do have to make about this collection is the palette. I'm not quite understanding the usage of such dark hues when we all know that Springs and Summers are getting more unbearable every year.
The latter of the two collection, the ever so popular with the downtown scene, the more affordable one of the two, was also quite the amazing show. I can't quite pin point the inspiration behind the collection but it is a bit grungy and very Marc By Marc. From the amazing, very wearable, Must-Have shoes to the dresses that will make their post all over downtown.Unlike the other collection, this one is more appropriate for spring because of the choice of color. Its light and airy which makes for a good combination for when all you want to do is stand in front of a fan. As I mentioned before, I am pleasantly surprised by Marc Jacobs because unlike collection in previous years this one I don't have to sleep on. I can tell you right now, I am enchanted.


Mimi said...

I prefer Marc by MJ!

Tali said...

I know me too!!! I love mxmj. affordable and wearable..two thumbs up.