Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let the Madness Begin

About 7 months have passed since the last New York Fashion week and we are about to embark another week of Fashion madness. Days even weeks prior to the giant Mega Event this city has to offer; there was a notion in the air. Almost like a quiet before the storm.And here we are, eyes and ears focused on what's to come.

Erin Fetherston's collection was really muted in color and very frail in aesthetic. It seems as if it were the continuation of her Fall collection only not as strong in story. Her choice of silhouette is draped and hangs away from the body making it seem very appropriate for Summer.

I am absolutely loving the sequin bandau top, t-shirt and the sheer fabrics on tops and bottoms. I am also hinting very similar silhouettes from Chloe's Fall 08 runway. Don't you think?
Jenni Kayne's collection has departed quite a bit from her Fall 08 collection, but her signature is still there in choice of silhouette and color.Never one to go to extremes in terms of Feminine-Masculine. She found that happy medium with this collection.I'm especially loving the floral print dress and the denim blouse with gold sequin skirt.
For the beauty aspect, she took note of Swedish street style, which is a few fashion notches above New York and gave her models a top bun, which sits at the crown of the head and towers over about a few inches. Be on the lookout this fall for such hairstyles.
As for Rag and Bone, we see a mix of 50's Rockabilly mixed with Skinhead influences in both men and women's collections. They gave a really edgy and dark aspect to rockabilly, which is young and fresh and very much rock inspired.
The tailoring for the women is impeccable, which definitely gives negation to all the billowy garments we're seeing on other runways.


Wendy said...

Rag & Bone is priceless!

Mimi said...

Lovely clothes.

Tali said...

I know!!! How amazing r they?