Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Night August 25th

I wore this to go out for drinks with two friends of mine.
If you remember this is the Jumper I ordered from Forever21. I absolutely adore it. I can't stop wearing it.
I made a bow that I've been looking all over for and couldn't find the right size or texture. I wanted something floppy and dark and preferably forest green. With the frustration i gathered from not having found what I was looking for I took the excess fabric from the Black and Green Gingham dress( a couple of posts back) and made a bow of it. Glued an alligator clip in the back and viola! I have myself a floppy bow. Now that I know I can make it myself i'll probably make more in different fabrics.
jacket: Faded denim jacket(found in the closet)
Dress: black Jumper Dress(Forever21)
T-shirt: White crew neck folded over slv(forever21)
Socks: Black OTK socks(Forever21)
Shoes: Black patent crisscross sandals(forever21)
Bag: vintage Tan breifcase(Coach, Ebay)
Bow: Black and green gingham floppy bow(DIY)

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