Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Books Not Necessary


So remember this post? Well it hasn't been that long but I get the feeling that my premonition is correct. With the hype and return of Gossip Girl to regular airing there has definitely been a surge of preppy style amongst fashionable kids(guys and girls alike). I am not an avid watcher but the styling on the show is undeniably sharp. One can't argue with that. But back when I first came upon the photograph of the girl on the cobrasnake, waayy before the Gossip Girl return to television and rejuvinated urge for prep, I fell head over heels in love with this photograph. From the girl's pose, to her clothes(which I need not see the rest of the outfit because I could already imagine its perfection). I absolutely had to find a school uniform jumper dress. I searched and found some, but by that time my urges have dissipitated, and kind of forgot about it. But then with some kind of gust of wind like realization I finally got around to purchasing the dress.


Dress: Girl's School Uniform Navy Jumper Dress(ebay, French Toast)
T-shirt: vintage inspired Off-white screen printed T(Taget)
Tights: Black Cable knit(Target)
Shoes: Ankle Boots minnetonka
Bag: Vintage Burgundy Saddle Bag
Photo Credit: Thecobrsnake, TheFashionspot, Google images, Delias,


Isa said...

preppy is so amazing if when people are able to pull it of. you totally do.
I am awlways so inspired by rory in the late gilmore girls seasons, she looks so darling there.

Tali said...

Thnks Isa!!!
i know. I love alexis bledel she has that cute as a button quality to her. Her wardrobe on the show is perfect for her look.