Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Just Came Here To Dance

My boyfriend and I and some of our friends went out to a bar in the East Village for some good tunes and dancing.
Which reminds me about another time the previous post I completely forgot about this but I just remembered now. So me and my friend went to Lit as one of our destinations. We stayed there for a beer. I went to the bar to get myself and my friend a drink and she stayed behind to man our seats. So I ordered from this bartender, mind you I haven't had a drip of alcahol at this point yet, one mixed drink and when he came back I asked him for a beer. I told him I was gonna pay seperatly. My friend gave a 20 dollar bill so I gave him that first and he gave me change back, and then I paid for my beer, which I needed change for as well. When he returns back to the bar, he proceeds to throw away the beer that I had just ordered. I gesture to him to not the throw the beer away and he asks for the $6.00 again. I told him that I had just paid for the beer, he told me no you just paid for the mixed drink. I said no I had told you I was gonna be paying seperatly and I gave you a twenty for the mixed drink and a 10 for the beer. He had absolutely no recollection of it at all. Like as if I was dealing with Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. It went on like that for about 5 minutes until he finally let it go, as if he was doing me the favor. I was so upset about it. He actually thought I was trying to weasel my way into getting a drink for free. I understand at a dive bar that kind of stuff happens but I was never accused of stealing ever, so it really got to me. It didn't help that the guy was such an asshole about it. I couldn't believe he wanted to charge me another 6 dollars for no reason at all. I was so annoyed. I needed to vent that, I forgot about it and haven't told anyone.
Jacket: Black Leather Motorcycle (H&M)
T-shirt: White Lived in shirred V-neck T (H&M)
Skirt:Vintage Leopard Bandage Skirt(Thrifted)
Tights: Black Opaque Cable knit (target)
Shoes: Vintage Black platform oxfords (ebay)
Belt: Patent Black Corset Belt(j.l.)


Anonymous said...

I like the shoes

Times of Glory said...

Your outfit rocks! The animal print skirt and the booties are cute! I understand that some bar staff can be quite rude and horrible, but you know what? Never mind all, as your look will ensure you to have a great time!

Tali said...

thanks so much for your compliments, and words of encouragement.