Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ebay Find 7: Transformer


I just purchased this dress from ebay and it came a bit too long, and big. I always say i need to take more before pictures so here they are.Although the dress looks kind of cute long it was a little overbearing on my frame so I had to make it more youthful and fun. I shortened the hem and the sleeves too. but now that I am looking at these pictures I think I might need to fix the bust as well. What do you think?
Dress: Vintage floral grunge dress
Boots: Vintage Navy Justins schoolboy ankle boots
Vest: Dark Denim Racerback (F21)
Sunglasses: Tortoise Large Wayfarers(nyc streets)

1 comment:

Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

Great Diy, i have a few dresses i need to set my scissors on, your post just reminded me ^_^