Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Intimate Affair


Last night one of my friends had gotten engaged and she was having a toast at her parent's house. Of course it wasn't quite the intimate affair she said it was gonna be but thats besides the point. Anyhow, I wore this outfit but as my boyfriend and I were about to walk up the stairs to the house I suddenly had an attack of overdressed remorse. I started to doubt if I was too overdressed. Luckily I wasn't. PHEW!!! I seriously love this dress. I laid my eyes on it and just knew it belonged in my vast closet. But it seriously can work for any occasion(hence why I can't understand why I mysteriously came down with this a case of remorse). I've worn this to school with a pair of flats and I've worn this to go out to a bar. I love how it translates as a vintage '30's/ '40's dress but in reality isn't(not even a little bit). I am hesitant to say where it's from just from the sheer humility I will acquire from you guys, but it is because this store is in no way fashion forward. It is actually quite the opposite. This store is the epitome of lackluster fashion and serves "trendy" pieces to the masses. The store in question is none other than Charlotte Russe. Yup thats right, it just goes to show that jems can be found in the most surprising of places, and never omit the possibilities.
Jacket: Black Tuxedo Jacket(F21)
Dress: Cream Lace dress (charlotte russe)
Tights: Black cable knit(target)
Shoes: vintage Black platform oxfords(ebay)
Bag: Vintage Red Chainlink

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